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Ishida Mitsunari Guide

ishida mitsunari Rise of Kingdoms

Ishida Mitsunari

Rarity: Legendary
arabia Japan | Tragic Hero of Azuchi-Momoyama
integrationIntegration | gatheringGathering | supportSupport

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Excellent for gathering all kinds of resources, especially Food.
  • Great load capacity of the best in Rise of Kingdoms, ideal for staying longer in resource centers of the alliance.
  • It has a fast rage regeneration that benefits any commander for the use of skill and at the same time increases the attack of his troops.


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  • He is not a great commander in PVP or PVE.
  • He is not a specialized unit type commander, although he can be strong in combat, he does not have a fixed role and only maintains his gathering profile.
  • He doesn’t have direct damage skill.

Ishida Mitsunari’s Skills

Skills Description

Battle of Sekigahara

For the next 3 seconds, increase attacks of all troops led by Ishida and increases the speed of rage gained.


  • Attack Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
  • Speed of Rage Gained: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%


Increases food, wood and stone gathering speed.


  • Bonus Gathering Speed (Food): 5%/10%/15%/20%/30%
  • Bonus Gathering Speed (Other Resources): 3%/5%/10%/15%/20%


Increases load of troops led by Ishida.


  • Load Bonus: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%


Increases troop health. When serving as the secondary commander, increases active skill damage.

Health Bonus: 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

Three Cups of Tea

Ishida’s troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal a portion of slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 500), this effect can only trigger once every 3 seconds.

Recommended Ishida Mitsunari Talent Trees

Gathering Build

Ishida Mitsunari talent tree

Ishida is a legendary commander who specialized in collecting resources. He does not have any specific unit type for this task since his skills benefit all types of unit, which makes him a versatile commander. However, we do not recommend using another type rather than siege if we want to take advantage of him to collect resources on the map.

gathering Gathering Talents

  • Gathering Master Wood Gathering Mastery (Wood): Increases wood gathering speed by 30%.
  • Gathering Mastery (Food): Increases food gathering speed by 30%.
  • Gathering Mastery (Stone): Increases stone gathering speed by 30%.
  • Gathering Mastery (Gold): Increases gold gathering speed by 30%.
  • The More The Better The More The Better: Troops led by this commander receive an additional 6% resources upon completion of gathering. When we finish a resource point we will earn an extra 6% of that same resource and of the total when we return home.
  • Armed Convoy Armed Convoy: Increases troops by 15% while gathering resources on the map. This talent increases Ishida’s maximum troop capacity when we send her to collect resources on the map. Great talent!
  • Superior Tools Superior Tools: Increases gathering speed of all kinds of resources by 25%. The best talent for any gathering commander, Excellent!

Important: Ishida is a “Gathering” commander so you can only raise his level to 36 where he can reach all the farming talent nodes, the other talents are optional.

Optional Talents Level 60

support Support Talents

  • Loose Formation Loose Formation: Reduces skill damage taken by 9%. In case of being attacked on the map we will reduce a percentage of damage of any enemy that uses his skill against Ishida.
  • Hasty Departure Hasty Departure: When troops led by this commander depart from a structure. Increases march speed by 60% for the next 10 seconds. When using this talent, we will have a bonus of march speed when entering and leaving structures or resource points.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Each Ishida attack will increase Rage’s regeneration, this helps to launch our active skill much faster.
  • Rejuvenate Rejuvenate: Instantly restores 150 rage whenever a skill is used. When Ishida uses any of her skills, she will instantly restore 150 Rage!

integration Integration Talents

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “integration Integration”.

Ishida Mitsunari farming lvl 60 talent tree

Ishida is a very versatile commander for gathering resources on the map. He has a rapid regeneration of rage per skill and per talents that together with a skilled commander can be very helpful and quite difficult to defeat.

Best Commanders Pairings for Ishida Mitsunari

Cleopatra Cleo is one of the best gathering commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Her speed and abilities make her an excellent commander for this task. Both combine perfectly and are one of the most effective gathering pairs.

Seondeok Gathering specialist, mainly Gold, the carrying capacity of both is impressive, up to 80%.

This pair combines very well due to their Rapid Rage regeneration with the direct damage that Seondeok causes, very effective combo.

Joan of Arc The most versatile epic commander in Rise of Kingdoms!

The combination of these commanders is impressive due to the multiple options that we can have both in combat and gathering.

Matilda of Flanders Another epic commander specializing in gathering that brings great benefits to Ishida for the safe gathering of resources on the map.

Recommended Equipment for Ishida Mitsunari

Equipment Delay time Stats
sharp longsword 1 Day Cavalry Defense +5%

Gathering Speed +2%

sturdy boots 1 Day Archer Defense +2%

Gathering Speed +1%

Croarse Breeches 1 Day Cavalry Attack +3%

Gathering Speed +1%

Total 3 Days Gathering Speed +4%

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