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El Cid

el cid rise of civilizations

El Cid

Rarity: Legendary
Spain Spain | Holy Overlord
ArcherArcher | VersatilityVersatility | SkillSkill

El Cid is available in Tavern and shopping chests for any Kingdom.


  • El Cid is a Legendary Archer commander, versatile in the open field. His skills, both active and passive, are focused on improving archer units during battle.
  • His main strength as a commander are the improvements that this provides to each bow under his command, as we would say, a little of everything (Defense + Attack + March Speed).
  • His role as a commander in both the Primary and Secondary game is good.

Advantages & Disadvantages


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  • El Cid is a versatile archery commander in the open field, his march speed makes him a fast leader with good options to flee or pursue.
  • It has excellent skills and talents that improve the units under its command, power defense and attack exceptionally.
  • Its active skill has a powerful disarming buff ideal for facing enemies in open-field, in addition to having extra damage to infantry units.


  • Has no healing factor.
  • His active skill does not have a great direct damage.
  • It will be held back by its greatest weakness, cavalry, since it does not have a damage reduction to this.

Skill Description
Famous Warrior

Famous Warrior


Deals direct damage to the target, and disables target’s normal attacks and active skills for 1 second.


  • Direct Damage Factor: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000
Poem of El Cid

Poem of El Cid


El Cid’s troops have a 10% chance to deal additional damage to the target.


  • Additional Damage Factor: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000
Guardian of Valencia

Guardian of Valencia


Increases archer units’ defense and march speed.


  • Archer Defence Bonus: 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 20%
  • Archer March Speed Bonus: 5% / 7% / 9% / 12% / 15%



When Cid’s army has been reduced to less than 50% of his units, increases the damage of all troops and march speed of all troops. The effect lasts until the army is disbanded.


  • Damage Bonus: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
  • March Speed Bonus: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
Out of Control

Out of Control


Increases damage dealt to infantry units by archer units by 5%, and decreases damage taken from infantry units by archer units by 5%.

Best El Cid Talent Trees

Open Field Build

el cid openfield talent build

During this guide we will focus solely on the performance of El Cid as a versatile commander in open field, although some governors sometimes use this commander at the beginning of the game for Rally, it is not recommended because he does not have talents or skills indicated for this task.

El Cid as an open field commander has important skills, his active “Famous Warrior” is a unique ability in the game, it causes direct damage to his enemy and in turn disables his attack and active skill for 1 second, even if only slightly. Time is very effective when facing infantry commanders, these who are the weakest against archers. This skill through talents we can reduce it to a minimum of reuse so that each attack regenerates rage quickly and El Cid uses his skill again and again effectively.

“Guardian of Valencia” is a very important passive skill when commanding archers, it increases your defense and march speed in very good for open field. El Cid also has a passive skill “Poem of El Cid” that will give him a chance to inflict additional damage to his enemy, excellent. During open field battles El Cid manages to become a strong commander in long battles, his passive skill “Unyielding” by reducing his troops to 50% increases his attack and march speed, both by 25%. “Out of Control” its ultimate skill is ideal for open field, it increases the defense and attack of the El Cid troops, in turn also directly attack the infantry:

Versatility Talents

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “Versatility”

Skill Talents

  • Heraldic Shield Heraldic Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 6%. The damage reduction per skill is very important for open field, this talent will be excellent for El Cid.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Excellent for the reuse of our active skill.
  • Tactical Mastery Tactical Mastery: Increases active skill damage by 3%. Important talent to our skill damage increase.
  • All for One All for One: After the primary commander uses a skill, active skill damage of the secondary commander is increased by 6%. When carrying a secondary commander of good damage per skill, this talent will have great effect in open field.
  • Latent Power Latent Power: Enhanced additional skill damage by 6%. “Latent Power” + “Tactical Mastery” = +9% additional skill damage.
  • Clarity Clarity: After using an active skill, increases skill damage by 6% for the next 6 seconds. It is a good talent if our rage regeneration is fast, with this build we seek to increase that regeneration, in turn we make this talent work perfectly.
  • Rejuvenate Rejuvenate: Instantly restores 60 rage whenever a skill is used. Excellent talent to continue taking advantage of “Clarity” during battle.

Archer Talents

  • arrow nocked Arrows Nocked: When the army led by this commander has been reduced to 50% strength, increases all attack troops by 9%. “Arrows Nocked” + skill “Unyielding” = + 34% DPS.
  • rapid fire Rapid Fire: Increases normal attack damage of all troops led by this commander by 1.5%.
  • armed and armored Armed and Armored: Increases health of archer units by 3%. El Cid makes his archers much more resistant.
  • thumb ring Thumb Ring: Archer units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to infantry units. A fundamental talent in turn empowers our ultimate skill in direct damage to infantry.
  • Venomous Sting Venomous Sting: Increases active skill damage of primary and secondary commanders by 8%. “Venomous Sting” + “Latent Power” + “Tactical Mastery” + “Clarity” = 23% Additional Skill Damage. Very Good!
  • phoenix-tail arrows PhoenixTail Arrows: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, normal attacks have a 10% chance to trigger an additional attack (Damage Factor 200) on target. Good talent, direct damage per probability that will increase our DPS in Open Field.
  • whistling arrowsWhistling Arrows: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase all damage dealt by 25% for the next 2 seconds. Despite being a probability, it is still a great talent, it is very useful for open field combat.

With this build we will have a powerful Cid in open field, his versatility as an archer commander is great, his improvements in talents and skills to this type of unit make them an effective leader.

Next we will have another build for optional open field, almost the same as the previous one, but with some talent change.

  • razor sharp Razor Sharp: Grants an additional 9 rage after launching a normal attack. Good talent to increase Rage regeneration and to be able to use the active skill much faster.

Best Commanders Pairings for El Cid

Yi Seong-Gye A commander like no other in Rise of Kingdoms, when paired with El Cid, he becomes a fearsome duo. It is the combination of Damage per skill and Damage per units, in addition to El Cid providing a strong defense and march speed to his troops. An excellent duo.
Edward of Woodstock Another legendary archer commander among the strongest in the game, his impressive damage and bonus skills make him excellent for open field as well as rally. Another good option for El Cid.
ramesses A powerful commander, one of the best current archers in the game, any combination both secondary and primary alongside Ramses II will be an almost certain victory in whatever battle they face.
tomyris Tomyris is a good choice as a pairing. This one has a strong DPS and damage reduction against cavalry which is the main weakness of archers. Both in open field are a good option.
Hermann An epic archer commander, excellent for F2P, has a strong active skill as well as a silenced effect that combined with El Cid we can use it perfectly in open field, silenced-unarmed.
Kusunoki Masashige A good epic archer, has a damage skill in AOE, in addition to benefiting the protection of cities and enhances the attack of archers through important skills.

 Recommended Equipment for El Cid

staff of the lost 22 Days Cavalry Defense +3%

Infantry Defense +5%

Archer Defense +5%

Helm of Phoenix 3.5 Days Infantry Health +2%

Archer Defense +2%

Damage to Barbarians +3%

Commander's Heavy Armor 14 Days Infantry Attack +3%

Archer Health +3%

Commander EXP Gain +3%

Saint's Song 10 Days Cavalry Attack +2%

Archer Attack +1%

Commander EXP Gain +3%

Greaves of the Exile 14 Days Infantry Defense + 3%

Archer Defense +3%

Commander EXP Gain +3%

sturdy boots 0.75 Days Archer Defense +2%f

Gathering Speed +1%

Total 64.25 Days Attack + 1%

Defense + 12%

Health +3%

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