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Queen Tamar of Georgia

Queen Tamar of Georgia

Rarity: Epic
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Queen Tamar of Georgia ruled as the first female leader in Georgia’s history from 1180-1213, and was notably assigned the title of “mepe” in medieval Georgian sources, which emphasized her right to reign.

Tamar Initially ruled alongside her father, George III, but ascended to the position of sole monarch upon his death in 1184. Tamar immediately ran into difficulties thereafter due to the unpopular nature of many of her late father’s policies towards the aristocracy and doubts about her capacity to rule as a woman leader, particularly among the aristocracy.

Tamar took fast and effective actions to shore up her power base, including the relaunching of an expansionary brand of foreign diplomacy that significantly popularized her rule. Tamar notably helped to found the Empire of Trebizond on the Black Sea coast in 1204 to provide Georgia with a new, nearby and more friendly nation.

Tamar presided over the apex of the Georgian Golden Age and her reign was marked by plenty of political and military successes which, combined with her identity as the first female ruler of her country, has served to immortalize and romanticize her as a leading figure of her time and Georgian history.

Tamar’s Skills

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Skill Description

Ode to Freedom


Troops led by this commander together with a nearby ally with the fewest units remaining gain 20% increased defense and heal a portion of lightly injured troops per second (Healing Factor 350) over the next 2 seconds

Age of Plenty


Troops led by this commander gain 25% increased wood gathering speed, and 20% increased food and stone gathering speed.

  • Upgrade Preview:

Bonus Gathering Speed (Wood): 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%

Bonus Gathering Speed (Other Resources): 3% / 6% / 10% / 15% / 20%

Tadzreuli Strike


Normal attack damage is increased by 10%. Normal attacks have a 10% chance to reduce the target’s attack by 30% for 3 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 5 seconds.

  • Upgrade Preview:

Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Attack Reduction: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

One Heart, One Mind


Troops led by this commander gain 10% increased troop capacity.

  • Upgrade Preview:

Troop Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Glory of Faith


Troops led by this commander together with a nearby ally with the fewest units remaining gain 20% increased defense and heal a portion of lightly injured troops per second (Healing Factor: 350) Over the next 2 seconds.


  • Great Epic Commander for Gathering
  • Great troop capacity and gathering speed, one of the best F2P farmers
  • Good Healing Factor


  • Epic Commander only for Gathering


Tamar is the 10th Gathering commander to come to Rise of Kingdoms specializing in wood, a great commander for F2P players and farm accounts.

Her skill activates her “Ode to Freedom” (this Skill is improved “Expertise“), increases defense, and heals a part of wounded units, even by helping this skill to her close allies. As a great commander for “Gathering”, “Age of Plenty” is her skill specialized in this work, she increases the gathering speed of wood by 25% and the rest of Food and Stone by 20%. “Tadzreuli Strike”, a powerful passive skill that increases the attack of Tamar’s troops while reducing that of her enemy by probability. Her last passive skill “One Heart, One Mind” increases her troops capacity by 10%.

Gathering Build

Tamar is a “Gathering” commander. You can obtain her fundamental gathering talents by reaching level 37 where she can reach maximum skill. The other available talents are optional. 

  • Gathering Master Wood Gathering Mastery (Wood): Increases wood gathering speed by 30%.
  • Gathering Mastery (Food): Increases food gathering speed by 30%.
  • Gathering Mastery (Stone): Increases stone gathering speed by 30%.
  • Gathering Mastery (Gold): Increases gold gathering speed by 30%.
  • Modified Axle Modified Axle: Increases march speed of siege units by 30%. By commanding siege, you  will have extra speed for reaching resource points or escaping an enemy that is chasing you.
  • Tourniquet Tourniquet: When troops led by this commander are in battle, decrease the number of severely wounded units by 6% (these units will instead be slightly wounded). When being attacked in an open field or resource point. You will reduce the number of wounded troops that go to the hospital. 
  • The More The Better The More the Better: Troops led by this commander receive an additional 6% resources upon completion of gathering. When you finish a resource point, you will earn an extra 6% of that same resource and of the total when you return home.
  • Armed Convoy Armed Convoy: Increases troops by 15% while gathering resources on the map. This talent increases Tamar’s maximum troop capacity when you send her to collect resources on the map. Great talent!
  • Superior Tools Superior Tools: Increases gathering speed of all kinds of resources by 25%. The best talent for any gathering commander. Excellent!

Best Commander Pairing for Tamar.


Cleopatra Cleo is one of the best commanders for “Gathering” in Rise of Kingdoms, specializing in Stone. Together with Tamar, she has a lot of Gathering speed, in addition to specializations that they share as a healing factor and great support for her troops.
Seondeok Great commander Legendary ideal for Gold “Gathering”, one of the best and most effective in this type of task. Seondeok and Tamar are excellent at their Gathering duties.
Ishida Mitsunari Legendary commander specialized in Food; he has great benefits for his troops in addition to a great troop capacity for increased resources, one of the best commanders in “Gathering”.

Recommended Equipment for Tamar.

Equipment Delay time


Sharp Longsword 1 Day Cavalry Defense +5%

Gathering Speed +2%

Sturdy Boots 1 Day Archer Defense +2%

Gathering Speed +1%

1 Day Cavalry Attack +3%

Gathering Speed +1%

Total 3 Days Gathering Speed +4%
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