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Best 20+ Commander Tips for New Players

In general, you can use Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms for these activities:

  1. Battling
  2. Gathering
  3. Building Clan Fortresses and Flags
  4. Collecting Runes
  5. Reinforcing
  6. Doing rally for Barbarian Forts, Enemy Bases, Holy Sites etc.

In this guide, let’s discuss about the most basic but super helpful information about Commanders in the game. They are the backbones of the game and almost all most interesting features in Rise of Kingdoms are evolved around him.

rise of civilizations commanders

Best Commander Tips for New Players

Attacking Barbarians In The Wild

You can use your Commanders to lead your troops to attack the Barbarians in the wild.

It costs 50 Action Point Action Point to attack a target so in order to efficiently use your Action Points, you should not let your commanders return Home before killing the target. Additionally, keeping attacking Barbarians without returning home reduces 2 Action Point per consecutive attack.

Attacking Barbarians is by far the best way to spend your Action Point Action Points.

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By attacking Barbarians, you will gain lots of XP and resource items. In addition, you will also get the Tome of Knowledge Tome of Knowledge and Arrow of Resistance Arrow of Resistance here. Meaning you can level up your Commanders via 2 ways by defeating Barbarians.

Sending 2 battalions is the best way of farming Barbarians as it gives you x2 EXP in total so you don’t need to do marching again for another different Barbarians with the same level.

attacking barbarians
Attacking Barbarians are always one of the best ways to level up your Commanders

Best Ways to Level Up your Commanders

  1. Farming Barbarians.
  2. Fighting Sanctum Guardians. This will give you the highest amount of XP in game without the cost of Action Points.
  3. Sending multiple groups to attack the same target. You will multiply the XP and rewards.
  4. Using Tome of Knowledge Tome of Knowledge

Barbarian Forts

barbarian fort
Barbarian Fort level 5

Remember that, attacking Barbarian Forts

  • Does not give you any XP point.
  • Gives you better rewards than attacking normal Barbbarians.
  • Gives you the chance of attacking Keys and Gems.

Commander Rarity

There are 4 kinds of Commander Rarities in Rise of Kingdoms

  • Advanced: Green badge.
  • Elite: Blue badge.
  • Epic: Purple badge.
  • Legendary: Golden badge.

Tip for you: Focus on utilizing your Advanced to Epic commanders as getting their sculptures are extremely easier than getting the Legendary sculptures.

Focusing on the Main Commander!

  • Spend most of your sculptures for your main commanders.
  • You can get resources for upgrading the main commanders via Events and Daily Quests.

Where to Obtain Sculptures?

  • Events
  • Tavern (Check the rewards list for more details)
  • Expedition
  • Daily Quests
  • Monument rewards
  • Alliance Chest

sculptures rise of civilizations

Crucial Things About Commanders

  • Getting your commander to 3⭐️to unlock commander paring. Your commander will be able to bring another commander going with him/her.
  • Primary Commander always cast the active skill first, being followed by the secondary commander.
  • Only the Primary Commander’s Talent Tree is effective during the battles. So whether how the Secondary Commander’s Talent tree is, the damage output would be the same.
  • The Secondary Commander’s Skills does affect during the battles.

Troop Capacity

The troop capacity = Base Troop Capacity (City Hall) + Commander’s Capacity

Troop Dispatch (Queue)

City Hall Level Queue
5 2
11 3
17 4
22 5

How to Use Commanders [Beginner


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