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Chandragupta Maurya

Rise of Kingdoms Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya

Rarity: Legendary
Other Nations Others | Lord of the Peacocks
CavalryCavalry | ConqueringConquering | Skill Skill

Chandragupta Maurya is exclusively available for kingdoms over 310 days via The Mightiest Governor event.


  • Legendary Cavalry Commander, wonderful conqueror both in open field and attacking garrisons.
  • His skills and talent trees make him a unique leader of the cavalry, any of these units under his command will be enabled with unmatched improvements in Rise of Kingdoms.
  • His quality as a commander plays mainly in PVP role, he is ideal to defeat any enemy regardless of the position or defense they maintain, Chandragupta is a fearful leader.
  • His role as a commander in both the Primary and Secondary game is excellent, he performs as a unique commander in his style thanks to the effectiveness he has in any situation or task that we assign him.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Cavalry Commander, strong and fast.
  • At all times of the battle, the cavalry under his leadership becomes a very powerful combat unit thanks to the many improvements that Chandragupta offers them, even facing the worst of enemies.
  • The ability to inflict damage in large numbers and percentages that Chandragupta gives to his units is incredible, one of the highest in Rise of Kingdoms, they baptize him as an “exterminator”.
  • We can use it in both forms of PVP, Conquering or Attacking in Open Field.

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  • It has no AOE skill damage, only single target.
  • It does not have many improvements to use it in PVE events. Although it is still effective.
  • Does not have skill to heal troops during battle.

Chandragupta Maurya Skills

Skills Description
Hidden Moon Active Skill The damage of all troops under his command is increased for 3 seconds. At the same time, they gain 1 stacks of Blessed, increasing cavalry units’ attack by 15% per stack for 10 seconds. Blessed can stack up to 3 times.


  • Damage Bonus: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
Royal Elephant Brigade When attacking a stronghold, your troops’ damage reduction is increased by 2%. Gain a stack of Blessed after using the “Hidden Moon” skill.


  • Damage Reduction: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Arthashastra When all this commander’s troops are cavalry, health is increased and each attack has a 50% chance to add a stack of Exhaust to the target, reducing their health and their defense. Each stack lasts 5 seconds, and can stack up to 3 times.


  • Cavalry Health: 4% / 8% / 12% / 16% / 20%
  • Health & Defense Reduced: 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
Self-control Damage taken from cavalry is reduced by 1%. After using an active skill, all troops’ march speed is increased by 5% for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, all stacks of Blessed are removed, and damage is dealt to the target based on the number of stacks removed (Damage Factor: number of stacks x 300).


  • Damage From Cavalry Reduced: 1% / 2% / 3% / 4%/ 5%
  • March Speed Bonus: 5% / 10%/ 15%/ 20%/ 25%
  • Direct Damage Factor: 300 / 350 / 400 / 450 / 500
Maurya’ s Might The Blessed effect can stack up to 4 times. While in alliance territory, each attack has a 50% chance to gain one stack of Blessed. Outside of alliance territory, each attack has a 50% chance. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Chandragupta Maurya Talent Trees

Rally Build (Conquering)

Chandragupta Rally Talent Build

In this first build we will focus on Conquest, one of Chandragupta’s game modes and we can say, his favorite and most effective.

Chandragupta has some impressive skills “Hidden Moon” his active skill benefits from DPS all the troops under his command at incredible levels, in turn the cavalry, his flagship unit will be affected by an extra buff of damage that will be accumulated up to a maximum 45% in 10 seconds, something really admirable in a commander of his height.

“Royal Elephant Brigade” his main passive skill for conquest. This skill reduces the damage we take when attacking garrisons and we also gain a stack of blessing when casting “Hidden Moon”. It is important to note that at all times we must use cavalry units to satisfy the demand of Chandragupta and this is the commander that we want so much, “Arthashastra” and “Self-Control”, both passive skills that only cavalry units will perfect in any battle. , therefore, we must maintain our leadership at all times as Cavalry Commander:

Conquering Talents

  • Moment of Triumph Moment of Triumph: While the army led by this commander is at more than 90% strength, increases all damage dealt by 9%. Ideal to always reinforce our Rally while attacking some garrison.
  • Marionette Marionette: Reduces damage taken from watchtowers by 15%. An excellent talent for reducing the damage of our army when attacking garrisons such as cities.
  • Signal Flare Signal Flare: Increases damage dealt to watchtowers by 15%. Our direct attack against the watchtowers of the enemy city will be rewarded with extra damage essential for a quick victory.
  • Tear of Blessing Tear of Blessing: The number of troops that die when attacking another governor’s city is reduced by 9% and are instead severely wounded (and can be healed in the Hospital). As a great Conqueror talent, it will help us reduce the loss of troops during our Attack to a maximum of 9%, we must reach this talent if we want to conquer.
  • Entrenched Entrenched: Increases all damage dealt to strongholds by 3% and damage taken form stronghold garrison is reduces by 3%. Against any structure we will do and suffer less damage.
  • Meteor Shower: When attacking garrisons, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase all damage dealt on the next turn by 50%. A talent for probability but a powerful improvement in DPS!

Skill Talents

  • Heraldic Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 6%. This 6% damage reduction per skill will be excellent when attacking garrisons, Chandragupta’s troops will suffer fewer casualties.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Excellent for the reuse of our active ability when attacking a garrison.

Cavalry Talents

  • Dragon Saber Dragon Saber: Increases normal attack damage of all troops led by this commander by 1.5%. Like every cavalry commander, this is a fundamental talent for leading our army.
  • Galea Galea: Increases health of cavalry units by 3%. Chandragupta will make your mounts much stronger as a cavalry leader.
  • Halberd: Cavalry units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to archer units. Most enemy structures or cities will be reinforced perhaps with archers or commanders who lead these. Thanks to this powerful talent our damage to these types of units will be increased, making it a main talent.
  • Undying Fury Undying Fury: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Good talent for the reuse of our skill “Hidden Moon”.

Chandragupta as a conquering cavalry commander is excellent, by following these talents we will have a natural garrison destroyer of any enemy, his talents as well as his skills transform him into a torment for structures that he wishes to conquer. Always highlight the power of the cavalry units under your leadership and it is important to use these benefits in any attack that involves Chandragupta.

Open Field Build

Chandragupta Openfield Build

Chandragupta in open field is a commander who plays a leading role like many Legendaries of his kind in Rise of Kingdoms. As we already explained about their skills, they work perfectly in either of the two PVP forms, conquering garrisons or attacking enemies in open field.

This commander does not have a powerful direct damage skill; however, “Self-Control” turns that disadvantage into a powerful weapon since it gives Chandragupta direct damage against any enemy that he faces and in turn strengthens the cavalry under his command. command in exquisite benefits.

His ultimate skill “Maurya’s Might” is incredibly good for fighting in open field as well as for conquering, it generates blessed for each attack with a 50% probability inside and outside the territory of his alliance, however, outside the territory of the alliance it will be much more effective since it will gain 2 blessed for each probability that comes out:

Conquering Talents:

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “Conquering.

Skill Talents

  • Heraldic Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 6%. Excellent talent for open field.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. It is important to reuse our active skill during any combat; in open field it is absolute.
  • Tactical Mastery Tactical Mastery: Increases active skill damage by 3%. Chandragupta does not have a high damage per skill; however, this extra percentage will be very good for both him and his secondary commander.
  • All for One All for One: After the primary commander uses a skill, active skill damage of the secondary commander is increased by 6%. Any commander secondary to Chandragupta will have a skill damage buff. Great talent.
  • Rejuvenate Rejuvenate: Instantly restores 60 rage whenever a skill is used. Excellent talent to reuse our skills much faster.

Cavalry Talents

  • Dragon Saber Dragon Saber: Increases normal attack damage of all troops led by this commander by 1.5%. Excellent for leading our Cavalry troops and increasing their damage.
  • Halberd: Cavalry units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to archer units. When facing commanders and archer units, we will gain an extra percentage of damage against them, in addition to being the cavalry its main weakness.
  • Charge Charge: When the army led by this commander has been reduced to less than 50% strength, increases march speed by 30%. If our cavalry is seriously injured in a battle, we will be on time and can quickly flee from the battle.
  • Galea Galea: Increases health of cavalry units by 3%. Increases the life of our units therefore we will be stronger on the battlefield.
  • Undying Fury Undying Fury: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Our active skill will have less cooldown.
  • Equestrian Excellence Equestrian Excellence: Normal troop attack have a 10% chance to increase march speed by 15% for the next 2 seconds. While we attack our enemy, we will have a chance to increase our march speed, ideal for chasing.
  • Emblazoned Shield Emblazoned Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 12%. “Emblazoned Shield” + “Heraldic Shield” = 18% Skill Damage Reduction, Good!
  • disarm Disarm: Normal troop attacks have a 10% chance to reduce enemy attack by 20% for the next 2 seconds. While fighting with one or more enemies we will have a percentage of reducing the normal attack of these, so we will take less damage in combat.
  • Rallying Cry Rallying Cry: Increases all damage dealt by 15% during the first 10 seconds after entering battle. An incredible talent for Chandragupta, the damage increase for his cavalry in just 10 seconds by his skills and this talent make him a true war machine.

Chandragupta in open field, he must have his cavalry talents at all times, this commander is focused on the damage his units can do, not the damage his skill achieves, therefore, each of the bonuses and improvements that this he can offer his mounts will be essential to fight against any enemy, also the combination of his entire arsenal as a commander is truly incredible (skills-talents-cavalry-attack-damage).

Chandragupta Maurya Commander Pairings

William I William is the best pairing, his strong AOE damage skill balances Chandragupta’s PVP effectiveness, making him almost perfect for battle, in addition to the improvements that this brings to the cavalry. They are both a devastating duo.
Takeda Shingen Takeda as a cavalry commander, has distinguished bonuses for these units, when combined with Chandragupta the increase of this strength is incredible, it becomes impressive, both adjust their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
Genghis Khan His great Skill damage, cavalry upgrades, and rapid Rrage regeneration will make him good pairing for Chandragupta. It is a destructive pair of very high damage.
Attila One of the great conquerors in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to his destructive skills. The combination of these commanders, both cavalry leaders, is devastating for any garrison they face, I do not think there is a city capable of holding back the attack of this pair.
Saladin Saladin is one of the most complete cavalry commanders in the game, he has many improvements that are excellent when combined with Chandragupta, damage per skill, healing reduction, defense, attack, damage reduction and damage increase when attacking garrisons. A deadly duo.

Recommended Equipment for Chandragupta Maurya

Equipment Delay Time Stats
Abyssal Visage 40 days Cavalry Attack +8%

Infantry Attack +3%

Archer Attack +3%

Heart of the Saint 72 days Cavalry Defense +13%

Archer Health +6%

Infantry Health +4%

Dark Lord's Blessing 48 days Cavalry Defense +8%

Archer Attack +5%

Iset's Sufferance 32 days Cavalry Attack +3%

Cavalry Health +3%

Gladiator 48 days Cavalry Health +8%

Archer Defense +4%

Cloud Racers 32 days Cavalry Attack +5.5%

Archer Health +2%

Total 272 days Attack + 16.5%

Defense + 21%

Health +11%

Chandragupta Maurya Pairing Guide + Talent Build [ Full Commander Overview ] | Rise of Kingdoms

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