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Champions of Olympia – Treasure Hill Map

Olympia Flags

The more allied troops there are standing near a flag, the faster it will be captured. Captured flags give your team points every seconds.

Golden Apples (1/2)

Golden Apples will appear on the altar at the center of the map at certain intervals.

Golden Apples (2/2)

Any team that successfully escorts a Golden Apple back to the vicinity of a friendly flag can earn significant points.


If and when your troops gather a rune, the rune will bless all of your forces.

Replenishment Point (1/2)

Once you’ve captured an Olympia flag, a nearby Replenishment Point will be activated. Move your troops there to start a countdown, which can be interrupted if your troops get attacked.

Replenishment Point (2/2)

When the countdown ends, your troops at the Replenishment Point will restore all units and your fallen troops will also revive there.

Desert Storm

One of the unique landforms of Treasure Hill. Troops move slower through desert storms, but have an easier time hiding. Other troops must get closer than normal to discover troops hiding in the storm.


One of the unique landforms of Treasure Hill. Units move slower past whirlwinds and suffer reduced defense.


One of the unique landforms of Treasure Hill. Troops will march much faster while on a road.

Ranked Matches

League Rules

All Ranked Matches are grouped into on of 7 major Leagues, which are: Enduring Stone, Fearless Iron, Valiant Copper, Brilliant Silver, Glorious Gold, Everlasting Diamond and Champion Above. Each League is also subdivided into 3 smaller tiers except for “Champion Above”, which allows governors to progress to the top directly.


Season Rules

Each Ranked Match season last for around 2 months, at the end of which:

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  • All governors’ result will be tallied and the League achieved will be inherited in the next season.
  • We will reserve 15 minutes at the end of each season to tally the results, during which time no new matches may be started (but this will not affect any matches already begun).
  • Governors will be able to claim their season rewards for their League once the results have been tallied.

Team Limits

  • Team Size: you can take part in Ranked Matches alone or in teams of 2, 3, or 5.
  • Team Leagues: all team members must be within two major Leagues of one another.

Stars Gain

  • Winning a match will generally earn one star and losing a match will generally take away one star.
  • An extra star will be awarded for three or more wins in a row, but his bonus is removed at Everlasting Diamond and above.
  • No stars are lost in the Enduring Stone and Fearless Iron Leagues.


Weekly Activity Points

All “Champions of Olympia” battles confer Activity Points, which grant bountiful rewards once a certain number have been reached.

5 Activity Points

x2 x2 x5 x5

10 Activity Points

x1 x9 x2 x1

20 Activity Points

x2 x12 x2 x1

Weekly Tokens

Governors will earn a token reward with every victory on a “Champions of Olympia” battlefield based on their current tier. A smaller number of tokens will also be given with each loss. The maximum number of weekly tokens that can be earned also increases based on your current league, as determined at the end of last week’s event.

League Tokens Per Victory Weekly Limit

Enduring Stone

200 1000

Fearless Iron

220 1400

Valiant Copper

240 1800

Brilliant Silver

260 2200

Glorious Gold

280 2600

Everlasting Diamond

290 2600

Champion Above

300 2600

Season Rewards

Governors who took part in a “Champions of Olympia” event by the end of the current season will receive a reward based on the final league achieved. You will also receive a special medal to be displayed on your profile.

Champion Above Rank 1 x10 x10 x10
Champion Above Rank 2 x9 x8 x10
Champion Above Rank 3 x8 x7 x10
Champion Above Rank 4-10 x6  x10 x10
Champion Above Rank 11-20 x5 x8 x10
Champion Above Rank 21-200 x5 x6 x10
Champion Above x5 x5 x10
Everlasting Diamond x3 x5 x8
Glorious Gold x2 x3 x6
Brilliant Silver x1  x5 x5
Valiant Copper x1 x3 x4
Fearless Iron x3 x3 x3
Enduring Stone x2 x2 x2

 Olympia Shop

Item Cost Stock
300 100
100 100
150 100
800 10
500 20
500 20
1300 5
400 30
1300 3
3000 5


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