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Ceroli Assault Event

In the Rise of Kingdoms Ceroli Assault Event, players will be grouped with 11 other players in a team of twelve to defeat the Ceroli Assault Boss. Players are able to pick any teammate they want or to join any party randomly. Joining random teams give you some extra rewards.

Ceroli Assault Event Rise of Kingdoms

Ceroli Assault” is one of the most anticipated Rise of Kingdoms events throughout the community, tons of rewards to redeem. In part it is similar to “Ceroli Crisis” except that in this we must consume certain points to be able to challenge the active boss who will be one for the rest of the event duration. The rewards are excellent and as governors we must make the most of them, especially if we are F2P players since they are among the best we can obtain in the game.

The bosses vary by event, but they remain the same, with the same skills as “Ceroli Crisis” we will only have the possibility to challenge one of these in “Ceroli Assault” and the server is in charge of choosing which boss to challenge, for Therefore, you must be prepared for the “best”.

At the moment, there isn’t any difference between the boss in Ceroli Assault Event and the Ceroli Crisis event so you can check out the Boss section in our Ceroli Crisis guide to have the general idea to defeat the bosses.

Quick Ceroli Assault Event Tips

  • Whenever this event is announced on the calendar, prepare for the battle once it begins, it is important to use the challenge consumable points quickly so that they are reset again and thus take advantage of the largest number of participations to redeem more rewards.
  • With a maximum of 12 players, the most recommended lineup is 2 Tank, 8 Dps, and 2 Healer. The skills of each role are the same as “Ian’s Ballads” and “Ceroli Crisis
  • The bosses have the same skills as “Ceroli Crisis” but their DPS is much higher, it’s important at all times to use the mechanics to our advantage so as not to be quickly defeated. If you have any questions about the skills and mechanics of the bosses you can consult our complete guide to: “Ceroli Crisis
  • Use any rune, buff, title, or bonus from DPS-Defense-Health for this event since unlike “Ceroli Crisis”. we will not be able to use potions of improvements.
  • Matchmaking is effective and fair, but it will be much better if we do it with friends or members of the Alliance with whom we can communicate and synchronize better.
  • The event Bejeweled Chest contains core rewards and basic rewards. It’s recommended to spend all of your Ceroli Vouchers you receive after defeating the boss on the chest because you can only spend all of your Ceroli Vouchers at once. But, there are only a few core rewards. You don’t want to spend all of those hard-earned Ceroli Vouchers on basic rewards like resource tokens.
  • Change the Chest immediately after you get all of its core rewards.

Ceroli Assault Event Rewards 2

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Tips and Tricks for Bosses

ak hok

Ak & Hok

In these twins, although the infantry is not recommended in “Ceroli Crisis” by the debuffs that suffer in this challenge, we must use at least 2 Infantry Tank, one for each twin, so the offensive units will be better able to cause damage without suffer great losses.

As in each twin, a Healer must be located to restore allied units and use the Archers vs Ak and Cavalry vs Hok DPS.

Continue throughout the challenge using the same mechanics in sync.

keira boss


Dodge at all times “Endless Dusk” seeking refuge in the protective bubble that will appear on the ground.

This time we will have 3 in total for 12 governors, the damage of this skill will not be possible to receive!

Thanks to its great DPS, it will be our failure.

frida boss


We must stay alert to dodge their skills in Normal Form “Blade of Rime” and “Arctic Expanse“.

Both cause a lot of damage in AOE and can be fatal before the most important phase of this boss.

Once we enter Frozen Form, we must divide the sides to 2 corners of the map as far from Frida as possible, both groups with an alignment of: 1 Tank, 4DPS and 1 Helear.

Frida’s invocations will be a lot and will cause a great debuff in our troops if they are not countered before returning to attack Frida in her shapeshifting.

Thawing Point” will have more AOE, time and will cause much more damage, we must move away or it will be our end.


Astrid will attack with “Spear Volley” in more AOE affecting several units if they are in this range, being 12 players, it will be very difficult to place all the troops behind Astrid therefore some must take this damage as an obligation and these must be the 2 Tanks facing the front.

Astrid will select 2 governors with “Ways of Fire” which must flee during this mark to avoid debuffing the rest of the players.

In Club Stance the governors affected by the Spear Stance debuff must not attack while it lasts, as the Tank is the DPS-Healer strategy is applied since while in Club Stance Astrid will cause more damage, but will suffer 50% more damage. This is why the DPS-Healer must be prepared for their best moment using all their skills.



The boss that we must have more caution and better understand his skills and mechanics.

At all times, the Tanks must face the front resisting the greatest amount of damage from Torgny, all governors must dodge “Saint Elmo’s Fire” in order to continue during the battle.

Force of a Thousand Storms” will be much more destructive and this time Torgny will point out 2 governors to invoke their guardians.

By defeating them we obtain protection against this powerful skill, being 2 guardians they will be two protective bubbles, we must quickly divide into 6 and 6 to continue until its final phase “Thunderous Curse” where its summons and DPS will be more effective and the combat conditions disadvantage us when Torgny applies a great buff and debuff to our troops so we must clean up that debuff at all times by defeating their guardians and entering in the protection of these, thus continue with the battle until defeating him, the whole challenge requires synchronization of 12 players.

Ceroli Assault Event Rules

1. Event open to all Governors at City Hall level 10 or higher.

2. Governors can pick a general and any difficulty they want to challenge from the main event screen. Each difficulty has a minimum Power requirement which must be reached before starting the challenge.

  • Easy = 500,000 Power
  • Normal = 2,500,000 Power
  • Hard = 10,000,00 Power
  • Nightmare = 30,000,000 Power
  • Hell = 50,000,000 Power

3. Governors can tap Invite to share a challenge invitation link to other Governors in any chat channel, and likewise join another Governor’s challenge through their invitation link. Governors who have not yet unlocked that difficulty or have reached the Power requirement will not be able to challenge through the link provided.

4. During the event, Governors can be matched cross-kingdoms and must confirm by tapping on a button once the matchmaking process is complete. All participants will enter the battlefield automatically once everyone is ready.

5. The basic rules of battle are essentially the same as in normal map battles. Governors on the battlefield will not be permitted to leave battle once the general has been activated until one side has been completely wiped out. The general will reset to their starting status once all Governors’ troops are completely wiped out, but Governors can still keep on challenging. Each Governor can only dispatch one troop per battlefield.

6. Units Governors can dispatch troops with the same strength as in the outside world during the event. All wounded units will be immediately healed once the battle has ended.

7. You need Horn Of Ceroli to summon the boss. It costs 50 Horns for each attack. Players get 1 Horn of Ceroli about every 15 minutes. It takes 1 day to completely recharge 100 Horns.

horn of ceroli

8. Governors can defeat generals to receive Ceroli Vouchers, and a successful challenge will expend Ceroli Horns. Ceroli Horns will be automatically regenerate over time. Head to the Redeem section to exchange vouchers for all kinds of random rewards in Ceroli Bejeweled Chests and Ceroli Combat Chests.

9. Buffs from equipment, alliance skills, alliance technologies, alliance titles, individual technologies, commander talents, VIP bonuses, civilization bonuses, city buildings, city themes, holy sites, and runes will take effect within this system.

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10. Certain buffs from such items as Enhanced Attack, Enhanced Defense, and Army Expansion will not take effect within this Ceroli Assault Event.

Ceroli Assault Event Rewards

Every time we defeat the boss we obtain tickets (these vary the amount according to the difficulty of the confrontation) that we can exchange for rewards with certain categories of importance.

Each of these items has a maximum per chest, the largest number of these exchanged according to their relevance.

We will be able to reset this chest and its rewards, as well during the duration of the event.

Ceroli Assault Event Rewards

Best Commanders for Ceroli Assault Event

Guan YuYi Seong-GyeGenghis Khanminamoto no yoshitsuneCao CaoSun TzuOsman IJoan of Arcpelagius

More details coming soon!

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