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Best Cavalry Commanders

Looking for the best Cavalry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms? Do not miss this article!

The Cavalry unit in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most versatile units due to their great damage in both PVP and PVE. They also have excellent movement speed for open-field activities and great Cavalry commanders capable of facing the worst of their enemies.

cavalry commanders Rise of Kingdoms

Advantages of Cavalry Commanders

  • All cavalry commanders specialize by having great damage both physical and skill.
  • A cavalry is an excellent unit for PVE and PVP (Rally and Open-field)
  • Offering the fastest armies in the game.
  • Talents offer great damage to any unit, especially archers.
  • Recommended unit and commanders for Rally!

Best Cavalry Commanders


Undoubtedly the best Cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms!

His combat technique in both Open-field and Rally are perfect.

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Attila is a commander specialized completely in offense through the of buffs to his troops while the debuffs reducing the power of his enemies.

The impact of him on the open-field is excellent due to his physical damage and the previous mentioned pros, but his whip is the perfect weapon to conquer and destroy any PVP garrison quickly.

Attila was born for conquering.

Why choose Attila?

  • Excellent resistance and physical damage.
  • Applies buff and debuff constantly.
  • Perfect commander for PVP Rally.
  • Excellent for open-field.


Great cavalry commander, thanks to his devastating damage reduction and healing reduction effects towards the enemies.

Moreover, his active skill also causes a lot of direct damage, reducing the movement speed of the target, making him an excellent conqueror.

Saladin is characterized by being a powerful commander for both Open-field and Rally, he has skills and talents that make him an almost complete commander for any PVP combat, ideal to resist and defeat any enemy.

Why choose Saladin?

  • Great resistance and damage per skill.
  • Great movement speed and healing reduction debuffs.
  • Excellent commander for PVP, both open-field and rally.

Takeda Shingen

A great cavalry commander, excellent at being secondary commander.

His talents are great, but his skills are still impressive for any other primary commander.

Takeda Shingen is known for the constant buff and debuff effects towards his troops and enemies, this makes him an impressive warrior and is one of the reasons why he is paired so much with great leadership cavalry commanders such as Attila or Saladin.

Takeda simply is impressive for Open-field and Rally.

He works perfectly with any cavalry commander, one of the best of his kind.

Why choose Takeda Shingen?

  • Great resistance and physical damage.
  • Casting buffs and debuffs constantly.
  • Excellent Commander for PVP Rally.
  • Great for open-field.

William I

William I is another impressive cavalry commander with an impressive performance at Open-field and Rally.

He has impressive buffs that increase their defense and attack of the cavalry units.

William does a great job at constantly fighting on the map due to his great AoE damage skill and the benefits he offers whenever the target is surrounded

He can be used for both primary and secondary positions. In either of the two roles, he is simply perfect, a commander well-prepared to face any enemy.

Why choose William I?

  • Excellent damage skill in AOE.
  • Strong defense and resistance.
  • Great for Open-field and Rally.

Genghis Khan

Great cavalry commander with a powerful direct damage skill that can be devastating to any enemy, taking advantage of his Expertise.

Genghis Khan is a not very resistant cavalry commander, however, the damage he causes towards his enemies both in Open-field and Rally is one of the best in the game, a super skill with a unique exploitation mechanic.

His versatility make him highly recommended for PVE and a lot of events like “Ceroli Crisis”.

Why choose Genghis Khan?

  • Excellent damage skill.
  • Great buff to troop attacks.
  • Fast rage regeneration
  • Great for Open-field and Rally.


Above we have our top 5 of Cavalry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms!

The cavalry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are very versatile and are one of the most complete ones. They are powerful, defensive and high-damage commanders, ideal for defeating enemies in any combat.

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