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Card King Event

Card King is the brand new event that popped up once the Lost Kingdom ended. We’re gonna talk about this event, about all the rules, how to play Card King and some special tips for everyone.

card king event rise of kingdoms

What is Card King Event?

The Card King Event is pretty straightforward. You have 3 decks of cards and each contains different rewards, including the sculptures of the featured Commanders: Mehmed, Julius and Cao Cao.

  1. You can choose any Commander to participate in a battle. Victory prizes will include that Commander’s statue.
  2. There is a limited number of battles. Plan carefully!
  3. When the battle begins, flip over two matching cards in a row to get the prize displayed.
  4. Flipping cards will expend items. Cards that have been flipped but were not successful will be flipped back over, and the card back will display FREE. You can flip these cards over and over again, no extra cost.
  5. You can give up your current match and reset progress, but it will use up one chance. You have 10 chances in total.
  6. You can return to the events page and choose a different Commander to use for a match, but this will cost one chance. You have 10 chances in total.

At the starting, you have 12 cards that are turned upside down. If you can find out the 2 same cards, you will receive the items shows on those cards immediately.

There are 2 free cards for you to flip over and over again. Flipping the other cards costs 300 Gem Gems each time. It costs 3,000 Gem Gems to flip all of the cards.

Thus, flip the free cards first, remember their contents and start flipping other cards.

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card king event rise of kingdoms


If you are a free-to-play player and if you’re not touching this event, you still should try your look for first free cards because there are chances they are the same card so that you can get the rewards for free. You have 10 free shuffles so just flip them up!

Mehmed, Julius or Cao Cao KINGS CARDS - Rise of Kingdoms

Play Card King for Mehmed, Julius Caesar, and Cao Cao | Rise of Kingdoms

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