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Early civilizations relied on storage pits rather than large structures to protect seeds and surplus food. Some later storage facilities, like Roman horreum, were rectangular buildings built of stone, with a raised ground floor and an overhanging roof to keep the walls cool and dry.


Storehouse is one of the first buildings players have to build in Rise of Kingdoms.

The Storehouse helps you protect your resource from the attackers.

All of the resources protected by the Storehouse will not be taken by any attacker.

By upgrading the Storehouse, you can increase the cap of the resources you can protect.

Side Quests

By upgrading the Storehouse, you will be able to finish these Quests:

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Requirements Rewards
Upgrade the Storehouse to level 19 139,000Food 140,500Wood 103,750Stone


Storehouse Level Protection Capacity Upgrade Requirements Power
FoodFood WoodWood StoneStone GoldGold City Hall Lv Cost Time
1 300.0K 300.0K 225.0K 150.0K 1 5
2 320.0K 320.0K 225.0K 160.0K 2 500Food 500Wood 18s 10
3 350.0K 350.0K 262.5K 175.0K 3 1.0KFood 1.0KWood 1m 20s 17
4 380.0K 380.0K 285.0K 190.0K 4 2.0KFood2.0KWood 6m 40s 41
5 410.0K 410.0K 307.5K 205.0K 5 3.8KFood 3.8KWood 15m 92
6 440.0K 440.0K 330.0K 220.0K 6 6.5KFood 6.5KWood 3.8KStone 30m 201
7 470.0K 470.0K 352.5K 235.0K 7 9.8KFood 9.8KWood 6.0KStone 1h 402
8 500.0K 500.0K 375.0K 250.0K 8 14.8KFood 14.8KWood 9.6KStone 2h 778
9 525.0K 525.0K 393.8K 262.5K 9 22.3KFood 22.3KWood 15.4KStone 4h 1489
10 550.0K 550.0K 412.5K 275.0K 10 33.5KFood 33.5KWood 24.6KStone 8h 2848
11 600.0K 600.0K 450.0K 300.0K 11 52.5KFood 52.5KWood 37.5KStone 9h 36m 4552
12 650.0K 650.0K 487.5K 325.0K 12 80.0KFood 80.0KWood 57.5KStone 11h 31m 6703
13 700.0K 700.0K 525.0K 350.0K 13 120.0KFood 120.0KWood 87.5KStone 13h 49m 9436
14 750.0K 750.0K 562.0K 375.0K 14 180.0KFood 180.0KWood 132.5KStone 16h 35m 12942
15 800.0K 800.0K 600.0K 400.0K 15 270.0KFood 270.0KWood 200.0KStone 19h 54m 17488
16 850.0K 850.0K 637.5K 425.0K 16 405.0KFood 405.0KWood 300.0KStone 23h 53m 23447
17 900.0K 900.0K 675.0K 450.0K 17 607.5KFood 607.5KWood 450.0KStone 1d 5h 31354
18 950.0K 950.0K 712.5K 475.0K 18 925.0KFood 925.0KWood 675.0KStone 1d 10h 42032
19 1.0M 1.0M 750.0K 500.0K 19 1.4MFood 1.4MWood 1.0MStone 1d 17h 56560
20 1.1M 1.1M 825.0K 550.0K 20 2.1MFood 2.1MWood 1.6MStone 2d 1h 76832
21 1.2M 1.2M 900.0K 600.0K 21 3.2MFood 3.2MWood 2.3MStone 2d 11h 104966
22 1.3M 1.3M 975.0K 650.0K 22 4.7MFood 4.7MWood 3.5MStone 3d 5h 145492
23 1.4M 1.4M 1.05M 500.0K 23 7.1MFood 7.1MWood 5.3MStone 4d 12h 205219
24 1.5M 1.5M 1.13M 750.0K 24 10.8MFood 10.8MWood 8.0MStone 6d 18h 295585
25 2.5M 2.5M 2.5M 2.5M 25 478367

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