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Best Bundles/Packages to Purchase

Although Rise of Kingdoms is a totally free game for everyone to play, purchasing some deals to support the developers while also increasing your account power doesn’t harm much if you can afford it.

In this article, we are going to show you the best deals you could purchase in Rise of Kingdoms in the early game as well as in the late game. These deals offer the best value for the price, helping you power your city a lot faster and easier.

First Purchases (New Players)

This section is for players who are about to make the first purchases in Rise of Kingdoms.

  1. King’s Coronation Bundle
  2. Growth Fund (Upgrading CITY hall)
  3. Monthly Gem Supply
  4. Daily Chest

Note: This post doesn’t contain the First Recharge Bonus since it’s the absolute first offer you want to buy in the game. For only $0.99, you get Minamoto and tons of other valuable items.

growth fund rise of kingdoms

Growth Fund

This is definitely the best offer that you want to purchase first in Rise of Kingdoms. And you can only purchase it once.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

To purchase this package, you must be VIP level 5 or above. It costs $14.99. Getting to VIP 5 is very easy as long as you follow the tutorial quests during the early game. Side note, spend all of the Gems you have to get to VIP 9 as fast as possible.

The Growth Fund gives you loads of gems whenever your City Hall reaches certain levels:

City Hall level 5 8 11 14 17 19 21 23 25
Gem Bonus 800 1300 1700 2300 3300 5600 9000 17000 40000

You will receive 81k Gems in total once you reached City Hall level 25. This is so HUGE!

Definitely best deal that you couldn’t find anywhere else again.

In case you are wondering whether you can receive all of the rewards If you purchase this offer late and your City Hall level is already pretty high, the answer is yes. Regardless of your city hall levels, you still receive full rewards.

Supply Depot rok

Supply Depot

The Supply Depot gives you loads of valuable offers comparing to their prices. This is definitely the second-best offer you want to purchase in Rise of Kingdoms.

All of the offers here in this section are worth purchasing. However, the 30-Day Gem Supply is by far the best one. Purchasing the 30-Day Gem Supply, you will receive 2,200 Gems immediately and receive 650 Gems every day, for 30 days.

Comparing to its price, 30-Day Gem Supply is definitely a crazy deal that you do not want to miss.

19,500 Gems in 30 days. Wow!

In addition, you can purchase this package many times, not like the Growth Fund. After a month, you can purchase it again. This makes it the most stable “gem supply depot” in the game.

super-value bundle rok

Super-Value Bundle

The super-value bundles do not contain only Gems but also a lot of speed-ups, VIP Points and resources.

For new players, the King’s Coronation is by far the best one amongst all of the other Super-Value bundles.

After purchasing the Growth Fund and Supply Depot, if you want to spend some more money into the game, this is definitely the next best place for you.

After every time you purchase the King’s Coronation Bundle, or any other Super-Value Bundle, the value and price of the bundle increase. The more you purchase, the more value you get for the price. Most of the time, it is recommended to save your money until you can purchase all tiers of this bundle at once.

daily special offers

Daily Special Offer

Most new players like spending money on daily special offers because their prices are cheaper compared to the others.

The most interesting part here is you will be able to get Legendary commanders from the special offer chests. For every 3 chests, you have a 100% chance of pulling out legendary commander sculptures. More details regarding this can be read at 10 RoK Mechanics.

Advanced Guide to Purchasing Bundles / Packages

One-Time Purchase Offers:

  • King’s Coronation Bundle (best bundle ) – High Resources
  • Double Gems and Growth Fund
  • One Step Ahead (City hall upgrades)
  • VIP Chest

Recurrent Bundles (Always Available)

First, let’s establish that each bundle has its own purposes, so I will highlight the worst part of each bundle instead

We will compare the War Bundles and see which ones are the worst in terms of $100 Bundle Value.

My tip is that if you are purchasing, save your money and purchase a one-full bundle instead of spending little by little on small bundles.

War Machine, Call of the Ancient and Fate Changer

Call of the Ancient Rise of Kingdoms

The Call of the Ancient is the worst bundle among the three of these in terms of resources, most likely T5 players will be those who purchase Call of the Ancient bundle. This does not help you much since T5 requires massive loads of Gold.

The Call of the Ancient Bundle is okay but you must remember you have to buy all the pre-requisites to get the highest tier of the bundle.

My suggestion with buying this bundle is to buy them once a month as it comes twice a month.

The value is still great but if you are a budget player and you want to make the most of your money you should distribute your bundles instead.

Buying Call of the Ancient alone and if you are T5 player this would hurt you even if you have all the extra boost items. If you have no Gold you cannot do anything pretty much.

fate changer bundle Rise of Kingdoms

$100 Fate Changer is the Best Bundle among these three!

In order for you to activate this, you must receive a huge casualty of troops, so what you can do is intentionally allow your troops to be defeated to prompt this bundle.

war machine bundle

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

War Machine provides you a great amount of Gold but it does give you speed-ups overall with the Call of the Ancient. And the Fate Changer does not give any alliance chest.

Here is my spending approach to give for those who are looking to buy bundles for troop training:

  • Buy Call of the Ancient once a month that would cost you ($385) then purchase War Machine ($385) for gold reserve if you still want to get some troop reserves. But if not, you should feed your troops to activate the $100 Fate changer bundle and buy it.
  • It is the most worth in the $100 bundle and can save you a lot of money not buying those pre-requisite bundles.
  • Fate changer has slightly lower resources than War Machine bundle but has more speedups in the $100 bundle.
  • Keep in mind that the goal of having these resource tokens and speed up tokens is to bank them for later use.

living legend bundle

Living Legends Bundle

  • Personally, I never purchase this, to me this is absolutely the worst bundle you can ever find in the game, if you are an insane spender then you may not care about the value you get from this bundle.
  • You get 7 total Golden Sculptures and the number of stars as well is low.
  • What I would recommend is for you to participate in the Wheel of Fortune instead and buy other bundles by obtaining gems.
  • If you are a super spender and you can afford to recklessly buy any bundle then go for it will help you improve your commanders faster than with a cost.

Other Recurrent Bundles:

  • Fountain of Wisdom: Buying this bundle is great especially if you are working on your technology, there is nothing you can compare to this bundle!
  • City of Hope: Similar to Fountain of Wisdom, this is a unique bundle designated for improving your buildings within the city.
  • Hammer and Anvil: Personally, I have purchased this bundle, in my opinion, this bundle serves a great purpose because the equipment in the battlefield is a game-changer, you must equip your commanders with the best in order to perform at the highest level. Crafting high-level materials takes a very long time so if you can spend on this bundle as a side bundle, I would say it’s worth it.
    Remember: During events recharge event comes out.
  • New World Bundle: You may really have no choice if you start to consider buying this, this helps high-level players to migrate out of the kingdom by buying passport pages. You should only be buying this if it comes to the time that you need to leave or planning to leave. My best suggestion is to keep stock of passport pages at all times for just in case the situation.
  • Resource Reserve (or the Whale Bundle): Personally I have purchased this bundle twice, let me tell you if you purchase this in the beginning, it will elevate you a lot of headaches when it comes to resources and it takes a while to consume them all from the start. But is it worth it? Resources can be easily farmed with time or you can even ask for help within your alliance or kingdom, best yet is to make a farm account so if you are in real desperation then this bundle may be the best for you or if you do not have a lot of time to play the game.

Lucerne Scroll Bundle Rise of Kingdoms

Limited Bundles

  • Write of History: Can be triggered by first time unlocking Legendary commanders,­­ this is no doubt a high-level value bundle. The amount of cost is worth it to the number of sculptures you get. Imagine this bundle is better than living legends. This is a MUST-BUY.
  • Lucerne Scroll Upgrade: This bundle is subjective. If you are a very active player, you should buy the cheaper version of this bundle. To me, as I don’t have much time to grind on a lot of things, I do not mind buying the $20 bundle to progress into the event.
  • Event Bundles (Seasonal): The only worth it is the event bundle where you need to convert your seasonal item into Legendary Universal Sculptures. In this event, you would either donate your Gems to get more, or you can purchase it. I would rather purchase it and save my Gems for Wheel of Fortune. Keep in mind that the gem value is still great I believe it’s about 1K per gold head. I would not recommend purchasing the bundle where there is a 7K Gem unlock tree topping event.
  • Don’t forget to unlock the battle pass type event you will get your return investment.

Hopefully you can find the best bundles & packages to purchase while playing Rise of Kingdoms after reading our guide!

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