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Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide (2021)

If you are a new player, you will find a lot of important tips in this Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide to grow much faster!

Rise of Kingdoms Beginner's Guide

Spending a lot of time in the game for learning is what makes you an excellent player, but for this, you need a lot of patience. Below, we will explain how to achieve a perfect synergy in Rise of Kingdoms at the starting.

Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide

When starting in the game, one of the most common mistakes most new players make is looking for battles or fighting as soon as they start the adventure. This is a serious mistake because if you don’t know the game well, you just cannot win any fight. So…

Don’t fight!

Fighting at the beginning will delay your growth progress and decimate your power, you will lose resources and especially the power that you can achieve quickly when starting the game will be greatly affected, later you will have time to struggle.

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Make friends

You will need to join an Alliance as quickly as possible and have all possible help from the Alliance members.

You should also teleport to your Alliance territory once the “Central Fortress” is built and together do group tasks that help your city grow and develop further.

Clear the fog

It’s important in Rise of Kingdoms to clear the fog on the map as much as possible.

Doing this, you will be able to see the Villages on the map, which will give you free technology researches and a lot of free items like enhanced gathering Investigations, Troops, Universal Speedup Speedups, and Tome of Knowledge level 4 Tomes of Knowledge.

In addition, you can also earn a lot of valuable rewards by exploring the Mysterious Caves.

Leveling up commanders

Each commander can reach a maximum level of 60 with 74 talent tree points available, which give them tons of power for all tasks in the game.

It is important to increase the experience of these commanders whenever we can by farming barbarians, guardians, and using “Tome of Knowledge level 3 Tomes of Knowledge”.

Spend Action Points

Action Points (Action Point AP) are a fundamental resource in Rise of Kingdoms. It is for PVE activities, where you can earn a lot of rewards for them.

Therefore, spend your free Action PointAction Points every day whenever possible to kill barbarians, rally barbarian forts, or participating in events like Lohar’s Trial.

Never leave the action bar staying at full.

Complete the Daily Missions

Every day we will have a series of fairly easy missions that we must complete to obtain a lot of valuable rewards.

The last daily chest gives us Gem gems, Golden Key golden keys, Epic Commander Sculpture sculptures, and FoodWoodStoneGoldresources that will help you a lot.

You need to farm resources

Resources are of course the most important thing in Rise of Kingdoms. You cannot upgrade technologies, constructions, train, or heal troops without resources. And those activities will eventually cost a lot more resources as you level up.

Therefore, it’s a priority all the time to gather resources on the map whenever you can!

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Help Everyone!

Being an active player in your Alliance is important for reaching goals and becoming an admirable governor.

Always help your alliance members or allies.

You can invite them to participate in events, in a barbarian hunt, or even share resources (which is always helpful).

It is always a must to help your Alliance build the new constructions, mainly flags. Doing this, you can earnindividual alliance credits item “Alliance Coins” and spend them to grab some valuable rewards from the Alliance Sttore.

Don’t be a toxic gamer or the entire community will be against you.

Research all the time!

Never stop researching technology in the Academy.

All of them are must-have to reach feudal age T5 units. Work on the Economic researches first and then work on the War researches so that your units become stronger!

Keys and Commanders

As new players, it’s important to quickly unlock commanders for different tasks in Rise of Kingdoms.

The easiest and fastest way to obtain these commanders and unlock their abilities is using Silver Key Silver and Golden Key Golden keys in the Tavern.

Do your best to obtain the rewards from each event that we can to obtain their rewards, which in most are the keys. The benefit of these keys is extremely important for any new player.

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Don’t forget the Expedition!

Always try to get to the highest possible level in the Expedition! Use runes, buff items, or even titles to increase the army power.

You will obtain epic and golden sculptures, resources among other objects by levels. Most importantly, you will obtain Expedition Coin Expedition coins and the ultimate free Legendary commander for free players: Aethelflaed Æthelflæd.

Expedition Coin Expedition coins can be further spent in the Expedition Store, where you can get a lot of Legendary specific-commander sculptures, Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Golden starlights, etc.

Courier Station

Every time that “Courier Station” comes to your city, do not miss their offers for resources.

There are two totally free opportunities to obtain Universal Speedup speed-ups, food item resources, Leather equipment materials, among other items at a great discount price.

For example, you can get 500kfood item by spending 300kfood item.

Use Speedups wisely

There are 5 types of Universal Speedup speedups in the game, which are for speeding up different progressions such as researching technology, training troops, upgrading buildings, and healing troops.

After reaching tier 3 troops, you want to use them wisely, generally during the events that require you to use speedups.

How to spend Gems

Increasing the vip point VIP level is the best way to spend your Gems.

First, get to VIP level 6, then spend your Gems during the More Than Gems event and get to VIP level 10.

Why VIP level 10? Because this is where you can obtain 1 free Legendary Commander Sculpture golden sculpture every day, alongside a lot of other rewards.

Castle is the most important building

To research feudal age T5 troops, you must have a series of technologies of the Academy finished, which can only be done after getting your Castle to level 25. Not to mention that a high-level Castle allows you to start the big rally, which is always required if you are in a top Alliance.

This requires a lot of “Book of Covenant Book of Covenant” to upgrade and you will eventually need to spend Gems on buying them.

This last resort is overwhelming for any F2P player, therefore it is important to always level up the castle and to spend time destroying Barbarian Forts to get “Book of Covenant Book of Covenant” for free!

Start a mini account

As you advance further in the game, you will soon realize that having more than 1 account gives you a great advantage.

You can start a small farm account to supply the main city with resources. This is important for fights, building, and researching tech. In addition, you can use the mini account to provide support in any necessary case such as events or Rally participation.

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It’s important to know the combat system of “Rally” for both PVP and PVE. In this case, we will talk about PVE as this is a beginner’s guide.

We can participate in Rally to destroy Barbarian Forts or Lohar and earn numerous rewards such as resource chests, Lohar sculptures, healing speedups, “Book of Covenant Book of Covenant”, and there is a small probability of obtaining gems and keys as well.

Participating in the rally, the troops will never die unless you don’t have any slot left in the Hospitals. But this is almost impossible at the beginning of the game since the number of troops injured in PVE is much lower than in PVP.


Rise of Kingdoms is a free-to-play mobile game with many forms of payments. In-game purchases will always help in the development of each governor one way or another. You are only even able to get 2 exclusive commanders ( Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Hannibal Barca Hannibal Barca) with real money, for example.

However, It’s all depending on you to play it whether as a free player, low-spender, or p2w player. But remember that, the game cannot run if no-one spends money, and free players and P2W players can both enjoy the game if you know how to do it.

One of the biggest mistakes of new governors in the game is to fight a lot at the starting of the game, this is a serious mistake. You want to grow up in peace with top Alliance members who want to make peace and not war.

Starting combat with other governors at very low levels of power gives you a huge loss. You could even get bored of losing everything and not wanting to enjoy the game more.

The kingdoms, in the beginning, always has some powerful alliances with many players willing to spend a lot of money to achieve the crown. Once the kingdom is crowned, all players will mostly be in peace and only focus on growing the power for the upcoming huge event, the first season of KvK (Kingdom Vs Kingdom).

Rise of Kingdoms is an excellent strategy game. The dev team has done an excellent job balancing the space between F2P and P2W players. It is all about finding a good Alliance to play with and you will eventually make it to the end of the game.

Rise of Kingdoms is not just about fighting. The consensus is what really matters here. This is one of the greatest advantages that make the many strongest governors falling. Don’t be disappointed if at any time you find yourself stuck or weak compared to other governors, continue to grow, using these tips and your moment of glory will come.

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