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Top 10 Things To Prepare Before KvK 1

If you are new Rise of Kingdoms players and still do not participate in any KvK (Kingdoms Vs. Kingdoms) yet, here are the top 10 things you need to do first!

KVK or Lost Kingdom is a specific map that opens between days 85 – 105 of the kingdoms. Players in the Kingdom can join the event and fight against 7 other Kingdoms to conquer the Ziggurat.

For more specific guide and tips for the first KvK, please check out our KVK Season 1 & 2 Guide for Beginners

top 10 things to do before Rise of Kingdoms kvk

Top 10 Things To Do Prepare KvK 1

Focus On 1 Commander At A Time!

What I highly recommend is focusing on one commander at a time! Otherwise, you will be out of Legendary Commander Sculpture sculptures, Dazzling Starlight Sculpture starlights, resources, and will get stuck in a very terrible position where all of your commanders are not strong enough to do anything!

Pick a type of troops that you want to focus on: Archer, Cavalry, or Infantry. And then pick a commander that excels for that type of troops.

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Infantry is generally the best one for free-to-play players as Infantry troops are very cheap to train, and their commanders are also easier to get.

If you are going for Infantry, you can then go for richard Richard and as well as Charles Martel Charles Martel! They form one of the best commander pairings during the early game and work well in long term.

If you want to spend and you like Archers, Yi Seong-Gye Yi Seong-Gye is definitely the first commander you want to max out first as he will give you a long-lasting value from the beginning to the late game.

richard and martel
Richard and Martel forms one of the best combos in the early game!

If you divide all your legendary commander sculptures and resources to every single commander you have. you’re not going to have a very strong legendary commander!

Do note that some Legendary commanders are acceptable without being maxed out so you can follow our commander skill guide to upgrade them effectively by using the skill lock function!

For example, Saladin Saladin is very strong even at 5-5-5-1. You don’t have to max him out completely to reach his max potential.

farming gems

Start Farming Gems

Why is gathering gems so important?

First of all, the More than Gems event is very important for free-to-play players, you can get some great value by spending gems and get a lot of rewards in return, including Legendary Commander Sculptures!

After unlocking VIP 6, save your Gems and only spend them during More Than Gems event!

For more details, please take a look at our More Than Gems guide to see the best things you should purchase during this event.

In addition, there is an event called Past Glory where players can donate resources, including Gems, to earn a lot of rewards.

Players need to have a lot of resources during the KvK so having an early preparation in the early is always a must!

So in short you want to start farming Gems once it’s available (you might also notice that all of the experienced members in the top Alliance are always looking for this). Also, don’t forget to focus on farming Barbarians for free Gems and rewards.

You just need to remember that spending Gems is the easiest way that helps you strengthen your accounts fast and effectively.

Read more: Best ways to spend Gems

medal store expedition
Get all of the commanders & items in the Expedition for free!

Make the Most of the Expedition

Just get to the highest level as you can in the Expedition. Simple as that. This is the easiest and most effective way to earn passive rewards in Rise of Kingdoms.

By doing this, you can earn a lot of free Tome of Knowledge level 3 XP books and Expedition Coin Expedition Coins every day, which can be exchanged for Legendary Commander SculptureDazzling Starlight Sculpture.

And the most important thing is, you can easily max out Aethelflaed Aethelflaed, which is one of the most powerful Legendary Commander for free-to-play players! She is the only Legendary commander that you can get for free, without spending a single resource.

She can help you out tremendously in the KvK battlefield, as well as when farming Barbarians due to her AoE skills!

In the long term, you can even sell her sculptures in the Alliance Store for Individual Alliance Credits Individual Alliance Credits after maxing her. Individual Alliance Credits Individual Alliance Credits can be used to exchange for Civilization Change, Speedups, Teleports, Passport Pages, and a ton of other high value items.

It’s super important to complete the Expedition!

Farm Account

If you want to save a ton of money into the game while growing your account much faster, you must start at least one mini-farm account now!

The game actually allows you to create 2 cities on the same server and you can easily manage them from the Settings / Character Management menu.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you want to create more. There are a lot of players having 5+ mini-farm accounts boosting their main accounts.

You can simply use the Rise of Kingdoms PC Version to manage all of those accounts at once with ease, and without switching between them like you have to do on your phone.

Do remember that they are just your farm accounts. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on them. If you are very busy, just open them whenever you have time and think about them as the resource bonus that you could get.

This is the easiest way for free-to-play players to compete with Pay-to-win Players during the first 2 KvK seasons.

Resource Tokens
Save Your Resource Tokens!

Save Resource Items!

Saving FoodWoodStoneGoldGem Resources and Universal Speedup Healing Speedup Tokens are very important because you are going to a lot of wars during the KvK and you need quick resources.

You want to use resources to catch up with other players, but 2 weeks before the first KvK, you want to save them up because if you get zeroed, you might probably want to start another account.

Only spend the suitable amount of resources effectively during respective events where you have to spend resources to earn rewards.

Of course, if you are not into wars (but you should, it’s super fun, and it’s all the game about), you can just save up a bit for not getting zeroed!

However, most of the time, If you want to be in the top Alliances, you must contribute a lot in fighting.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

Make Sure You Have Enough Shields!

There are just a lot of players getting zeroed in gell during the KvKs. You can see a lot of memes regarding this on the internet.

And most of the time, it’s because they run out of Peace Shield.

Make sure you have enough Peace Shields and set up an alarm on your phone so that you can activate another shield before one getting expired.

Use the Peace Shields wisely, unless you want to start another Rise of Kingdoms account!

Save Teleports

I have a lot of Teleports for KvK and you should too!

It will help you a lot in many situations where you get swarmed by the enemies and you want to get close your Alliance members as fast as possible.

You also need to move around the map a lot as your Alliance expands the territoriy and start doing wars.

Doing Ark of Osiris is a great way to obtain Teleports. You can also purchase them from the Alliance Store as well!

All kinds of Teleports are very helpful here.

Spend Action Points!

Make sure you have an ample amount of Action Points for the KvK and use them as much as you can here!

Spend them all on defeating Barbarians. You will get a lot of rewards from the Barbarians only while also getting many other bonus rewards from the KvK events.

Getting T5

If you want to win, you need t5 to fight in the battlefield!

Of course, If you’re free to play, it is gonna be really hard. And high-tech T4 is enough!

Remember that you don’t need to max out every single building to get T5. You actually just need to get 1 building of a type to level 25 with the exception of Hospital.

Hospitals are very important and you probably want to get all 4 Hospitals to level 25 before unlocking T5 units to increase the hospital capacity. If your capacity gets capped, the expensive T5 troops which cannot go to the Hospital will die and you have to train them again with a lot of time and resources.

It’s just a game

Treat the game as a hobby! Play it whenever you want and have some rest whenever you are tired.

Don’t play it too seriously.

If you are tired, you just cannot enjoy the game anymore. Not to mention that you can make a lot of bad decisions during that time.

KvK is very stressful for new players but it’s the most exciting event if you know how to actually enjoy it. Play when you have all of your Energy available! Sleep at least 8 hours every day!

KvK Season 1 Preparation Pro Tips [ Do's and Don'ts ] New Player | Rise of Kingdoms

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