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Basic Stats: Attack, Defense and Health

I bet that 99% of the new Rise of Kingdoms players do not care about the most basic stats in-game: Damage, Defense and Health. However, I bet that after reading this guide, you will care about them a lot more while playing the game.

Rise of Kingdoms Basic Stats

What is Attack?

There are a few types of attacks in general:

  • Normal Attack  – You start doing normal attacks since the beginning of a battle. The normal attack is the raw damage of your army. You do normal attack every turn and gain 100 rage per normal attack.
  • Counter-Attack: Each turn, when your opponent attacks you, you fight back and this is called counter-attack.
  • Active Skill (Damage Factor) – The first skill of each Commander. The skill requires having enough rage (gaining from normal attack) to cast.
    • Not all commanders have active skill damage. Instead, they have buff/debuff skills. Examples: Atilla and Scipio Africanus.
    • Commanders could have different rage requirements. Some have a lower requirement such as Genghis Khan. Some commanders will have a very high rage requirement such as Edward of Woodstock
  • Damage Factor: Damage Factor is a fixed number. It is not affected by the number of troops the opponent has.
    • However, troops still play a huge part in combat. The more troops you have, the stronger your army is.
  • A higher attack helps to eliminate the opponents faster.

Skill Damage = Skill Damage Factor x Troop Attack x Troop Number

What is Defense?

  • Defense is the ability of your troops to resist attacks.
  • Troop defense can also help reduce the incoming skill damage. This is called skill defense.
  • If your troops have higher defense, meaning they can tank more damage because they reduce incoming damage.

What is Health?

  • Health is the survivability of your troops.
  • Health cannot counter the incoming attacks.
  • Health cannot increase defense.
  • Having higher Health means you can take more damage.
  • Healing Factor: The more troops you have, the more healing will be. If your units have higher health, it’s still the same amount of healing.
    • For example, you have 1,000 units with 100 HP. They have the total number of health more than 100 units. However, the healing per unit is the same as health doesn’t affect the healing factor.


Each troop will contribute on to the attack damage. If you are doing a rally and you want to have the best results, make sure that the special units will join first. The special units will have a better buff than normal units.

But what is the special unit? Saying you are using Ramesses as the primary commander for a rally. Because he is an Archer commander, he has skills that buff Archer’s stats. So the Archers should be the special units you want to prioritize here.

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Each player must pick a role on the battlefield: DPS, Tank or Support:

  • DPS: If your attack is high but your defense and health are low, you’re definitely not gonna survive for very long but you can do the greatest amount of damage.
  • Tank: If you have your defense and HP high but your attack is low, you’re not gonna be able to deal a lot of damage. But you can soak a lot of damage and protect your friends.
  • Support: If you don’t have too much HP, Defense & Attack, but you have so many useful buffs/debuffs, you will be a great support!

Unit Stats Free to Play Guide | Rise of Kingdoms

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Hello guys, I am Shinchi42, a Youtuber, who is falling in love with the incredibly awesome video game called Rise of Kingdoms. I love writing guides and doing guide videos for the game. You can check out my Youtube Channel for more contents!

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