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What are Barbarian Keep & Camp?

Rise of Kingdoms Barbarian Keep
Raiding Barbarian Keep

What is Barbarian Keep?

In Rise of Kingdoms, Barbarian Keeps are important strategic positions that are usually surrounded by difficult terrain, making them easy to defend but hard to take down.

It is recommended that Governors make extensive preparations before launching an attack.

  1. Keep Sentinels actively attack troops (you!) that enter the vicinity of the keep, pay attention to your positioning.
  2. Attacking Keep Sentinels will not expend your action points.
  3. Defeating Keep Sentinels will increase the Alertness level of Barbarian Keeps. Once Alertness is maxed out, their chieftain Bloodfist Bargha will spawn with his guards to defend the keep.
    barbarian keep guide
  4. When you defeat Bloodfist Bargha (the boss), he will retreat back into the keep and throw up a protective shield. Once he regenerates, the Barbarian Keep becomes upgraded.
  5. If you do not defeat Bloodfist Bargha within the time limit, he will retreat back into the keep and throw up a protective shield. When this protective shield ends, the Barbarian Keeps becoming downgrade. And this is what you do not want to happen.
  6. Higher-level Barbarian Keeps contain stronger barbarians, and Bloodfist Bargha will drop even better rewards.

What is Barbarian Camp?

In Rise of Kingdoms, the Barbarian Camp is where Baulur lives. Baulur is a barbarian chieftain. His powerful physique and brutal personality earned him the title “Ironhand”.

  1. As soon as you move into Ironfist Baulur’s territory, him and his wanderers will actively attack you. As long as Baulur remains alive, wanderers will continuously spawn and join the battle.
  2. Ironhand Baulur will disappear after some time, you will lose your chance to attack him so it is recommended that you defeat him as quickly as possible.
  3. You will only suffer minor losses from attacking Baulur. All slightly wounded units will recover once they return to the city.
  4. Attacking Ironfist Baulur will not expend your action points.
  5. All armies involved in the attack will receive a prize upon victory, so we suggest sending multiple armies or attack together with your allies.
  6. After defeating Baulur, Governors that dealt damage to him will receive random rewards. Baulur has a chance to drop a chest that contains equipment blueprints, which will require gathering to collect.
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