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August Resource Adjustments Announcement

Greetings Governors,

Resource acquisition in the game has always been a matter of great concern and caution for us. Recently, we observed that the amount of resources available through resource collection could no longer meet the development and combat needs of the Governors.

Resource Adjustments Announcement

After repeated tests, we have decided to upgrade the resource points in the game:

1. Increase the resource storage capacity of resource points of all levels;

2. Increase the basic collection speed of all troops;

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Through the above two adjustments, Governors can get more resources through gathering.

At the same time, we are also concerned that this adjustment may lead to an increase in the gap of resource possession between Governors. In order to shorten such gap, we will make the following adjustments at the same time:

1. Set the maximum amount of resource assistance each governor can receive per day

2. Set the maximum amount of resources that each governor can obtain through looting each day

We will ensure that the resource gathering game will have a positive impact through these adjustments, so that Governors can better develop their cities and experience unhindered battles. All the adjustments in this announcement will go live in the coming month.

We hope you will continue to pay attention to the content of subsequent announcements, as the official changes will also be available again in future announcements. Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms. We hope you enjoy the game!

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