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August Equipment and Gameplay Optimization Update

Hello governors, in the upcoming updates, we will have some improvements to the current equipment system in Rise of Kingdoms.

Hopefully, these changes will bring a lot of new interesting content to the game and will make it easier for free-to-play players to get the best gear!

Please do note that these are currently beta update and there could be some changes when it is officially released!

Rise of Kingdoms update

Added New Equipment Refining System

Governors who can’t yet forge a special talent item can refine that item to gain a special talent!

Starting with Refined Level 0 equipment, can be refined up to 100 to grant special talents.

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Refinement can also cause “Striking Strike” to gain an additional boost with each refinement.

new equipment update

Adjusted Forging Equipment

Forging will still produce special talents, but the chance will no longer increase with the number of times the governor tries to forge a certain item.

Instead, this chance will be fixed at the initial probability (given initially before these changes).

In addition, governors will be pleased to see that the equipment they are trying to forge special talents will now inherit a certain amount of Refinement (does not apply to equipment in the initial forging stage).

If these items are dismantled (degraded), the governor will still be able to activate legacy effects the next time the item is forged.

The costs associated with the newly optimized forging and refining system will be the same as in the previous system. No additional costs are imposed.

New Equipment Restriction Rule

In the interest of maintaining balance for the Lost Kingdom (kingdom vs kingdom), we have decided to restrict the following items to be used only in Season of Conquest:

Divine Power, Sun Moon Hammer, Hydra Explosion, Pride of Genghis Khan, Conqueror’s Helmet, Ancestral Mask of the Night, Scolas Lucky Coin, Wheel Death, Greatest Glory, Horn of Wrath, Hidden Dagger, Mora Net, and Vengeance.

Adjusted the “Equipment Chest” Bonus Inventory

Governors who open “Equip Chests” in the “Tavern” now have a chance to get item blueprints of all quality levels instead of just drawing shard design, and we’ve also added more resources and speed-up items to the reward pool.

The cost of gems when purchasing an Equip Chest Key has not changed.

Other Adjustments

While keeping the amount of time “Forge” produces materials unchanged, we have significantly increased the amount of material produced per production.

We have added “Premium Design Piece Option Chest” and “Regular Design Drawing Piece Option Chest” to the VIP Shop to suit the different needs of governors.

Now, the chances of getting material related items from the Mysterious Trader in the Delivery Station are much higher.

We’ve made some adjustments to the material rewards and equipment blueprints in “Sunset Canyon“, “Golden Kingdom“, “Shadow Legion Invasion“, “Ian’s Ballad” and the “Ceroli Crisis“.

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