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Artisan’s Forge Event

Artisan’s Forge

Put your nose to the grindstone

Event Rules

  • Complete quests during the event to gain huge rewards!
  • All quests on the list will be reset by the system every day at 00:00 UTC, so please remember to claim your rewards.
  • Complete quests to gain a special item, Artisan’s Hammer, which can be exchanged for rewards at the event shop.

Complete quests to obtain Iconic Crystals, which can be used to upgrade your equipment’s attributes.


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Log in Today x1 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1  food item x1 wood item x1
Produce and Claim 30 Equipment Materials x2 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Resource Chest x2
Gather and deplete 5 Resource Points x3 Universal Speedup x1 Resource Chest x2
Train 1,000 Units x1 Training Speedup x2 stone item x2
Train 2,000 Units x3 Training Speedup x5 gold item x2
Defeat Barbarians 15 Times x2 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Training Speedup x5
Defeat Barbarians 40 Times x4 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x2 Training Speedup x1
Attack Barbarian Forts 6 Times x2 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x2 Universal Speedup x8
Attack Barbarian Forts 12 Times x4 x1 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Universal Speedup x1


  • Outside of “Trial of the Lost Kingdom”, all Legendary equipment can be made into Iconic equipment.
  • Iconic equipment confers extra buffs to units’ base attributes. Units’ base attributes are Troop Base Attack, Defense, and Health. Check the troop training screen for more details.
  • Iconic attributes will automatically change depending on which season of Lost Kingdom your Kingdom is in. These changes are grouped into Seasons 1-2, Season 3, and Season of Conquest. When entering a new season or migrating into another season, Iconic attributes will automatically change. Tap the Equipment screen for details about seasonal attributes.
  • After being refined, equipment gains a special talent, and its iconic attributes are increased by 30%.
  • You must spend Iconic Crystals or Gold to create iconic equipment.
  • Equipment has a 100% chance of gaining Iconic status. However, once your equipment has gained Iconic status, it cannot be removed and any materials cannot be refunded.
  • Dismantling Iconic equipment will not grant Iconic materials.


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