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Artemisia I

Artemisia I and Ramesses II are 2 new commanders, which are introduced in Rise of Kingdoms with the latest update called Spring Has Sprung. Artemisia will be coming out in the Mightiest Governor Event and Ramesses II will be in the Wheel of Fortune.

Rise of Kingdoms artemisia I

Artemisia I

Rarity: Legendary
Other Nations Other | Queen of Caria
ArcherArcher |GarrisonGarrison | DefenseDefense

First thought: I think if you are really hung up on archers and If are excited to have an Archer commander that is a very tanky, and is great at defending, Artemisia will be a great choice!

Artemisia I’s Skills

Skill Description
Battle of Salamis Deals damage to own troops (Damage Factor 300) and deals damage to up to 3 enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area.


  • Direct Damage Factor: 800/1000/1200/1500/1800
Bow and Mount Increases archery units’ defense and health.


  • Archer Defense Bonus: 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%
  • Archer Health Bonus: 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%
Ally of Xerxes While serving as a garrison commander, reduces incoming normal attack damage and each normal attack has a 10% chance to Disarm the target (disabling their normal attacks), lasts for 1 second.


  • Normal Attack Damage Reduction: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Queen of Caria When rage accumulates to 80%, there’s a 50% chance to silence self for 3s, but increase all damage dealt for 5 seconds.


  • Damage Increase: 25%/30%/35%/40%/50%
Rules of Survival Normal attacks have a 10% chance to cause the target to continuously take damage (Damage Factor 400) each second, but also increases their skill damage by 15%, lasts for 3 seconds.


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  • Battle of Salamis: Splash Damage.
  • Queen of Caria: In the last 2 seconds, she increases all the damage coming from her skills by 50% at max level, meaning her first skill can deal 1800×150% = 2700 damage in total.
  • Expertise: She will deal 1200 damage in 3 seconds. If you’re lucky and this skill procs right after the opponent have cast their skills, then their skill damage will not take an effect at all and you’re only reaping that extra 1200 damage factor.

Artemisia I Talent Tree

Garrison Tree

Rise of Kingdoms artemisia garrison talent tree
Artemisia Garrison Talent Tree – Click here for version

For Artemisia, you do want to have a high health bonus because she has self-inflicting skills damage.

Medicinal Supply Medicinal Supply: I am not adding Testudo Formation because it is going to be an RNG base. There’s already a lot of RNG base with Artemisia skills.

We also don’t need marching speed If we are defending so that’s a waste of a talent.

Instead, we’re actually going to increase her attack and heal and get to the Medicinal Supply directly.

One thing that you need to remember as a garrison commander is that healing not bad at all!

Imagine you’re getting rallied and you don’t have a lot of troops inside while people keep reinforcing. Having a healing in this case will preserve you as a captain and won’t kick you out because once a captain goes to zero, you’re gonna get kicked out and the next commander in there is going to be the one defending for the entire team, and mistakes can happen.

Venomous Sting Venomous Sting: I went over to the right side of the Archer path because of this Venomous Sting increasing the active skill damage of a primary and secondary commander by 8%.

You can defend with YSG here as having double AoE is pretty scary.

Open Field Tree

artemisia open field talent tree
Artemisia Openfield Talent Tree – Click here for version

You might see that is slightly similar to the one above but yet quite different because in this one we have added the Testudo Formation and we didn’t really go into the Phoenix-Tail Arrows.

Testudo Formation Testudo Formation

In the open field, you’re going to be a target, which is you’re getting normal attacks a lot. If you proc that 10% chance, it will reduce all the damage taken, which is pretty crazy.

I wish I would have added more points for Medicinal Supplies here but 200 healing factor is already okay because it is enough to negate the 300 damage factor from her active skill.

Commander Parings for Artemisia

Yi Seong-GyeKusunoki MasashigeHermann

Yi Seong-GyeYSG

Best commander to go with Artemisia when you want AoE damage.

Ramesses II

Simple combination but super effective. Use Ramsey as the secondary commander and this is going to be a very tanky pair because of the defense tree of Artemisia combining with Ramesses skills.


If you are looking into open field battles, you can couple her with Tomyris and the silence would be really good because it’s going to delay the poison stack of Tomyris. You can definitely yes Artemisia as the primary commander because of her tankiness.

Have fun with Artemisia!

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