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Ark of Osiris For Beginners

Ark of Osiris is a super interesting event in Rise of Kingdoms that arrives every 2 week.

This is by far one of the most exciting competitive modes in Rise of Kingdoms as it features all features of the game in a separate eSport-like mode, where you and your Alliance members can fight against an enemy Alliance. And the best ones will be selected for the League of Osiris.

The best 20 Alliances of each Kingdom (based on their total power) will qualify for the Gold Match, the rest will rank Silver. Each of these encounters will have different rewards depending on the Match, and the individual score player achieves, and the ratio of Victory and Defeat.

In short, we want bring you this quick Ark of Osiris guide because we don’t want you to miss out any AoO match, it is just simply one of the most exciting things you could ever have in the entire game!

ark of osiris beginner guide


  • The wounded troops in Ark of Osiris do not affect your troops in the normal game map.
  • All your troops are in the city.
  • Participating in AoO doesn’t make your city go to War Frenzy mode.
  • Alliance members cannot reinforce your city.

For all basic rules, structure, skill information, and rewards, kindly take a look at our Ark of Osiris page.

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General AOO Strategy for Beginners

Once you are inside the Ark of Osiris map, the Alliance leaders focus on the key points of the map to organize the team players and create effective strategies.

  • Team players must quickly establish Markers in the 2 obelisk ark of osiris Obelisks closest to the team starting point.
  • Players with fast commanders (Cao CaoCao Cao, belisariusBelisarius, etc.) must send out cavalry marches at the beginning to reduce the capture time while another starts a Rally as reinforcement of the same Obelisk in case the enemy decides to attack it directly. It is important to prioritize these 2 Obelisks.
    • The obelisk ark of osiris Obelisk is the most important structure of Ark of Osiris. It allows each team to teleport 8 cities quickly to its area. The strongest players should teleport first, then as the battle goes on, you can teleport more cities.
  • You must as well capture Shrines shrine of life ark of osiris shrine of life ark of osiris ASAP as they give additional bonuses to your armies in the battles. Some increase attack and some increase healing speed.
  • During the early game, outposts don’t give many points but it is important to keep them to add extra scoress. Altars sky altar ark of osiris Desert Altar ark of osiris on the contrary, are very profitable in points when getting captured.

Skill Set

Each side can only select 6 skills for the battle. These skills increase the power of the team by a lot and can only be used by the leaders.

Therefore, you must be very selective in their disposition. Below is one of the skillset that should work well in almost all Ark of Osiris battles:

Running Charge: Ideal to increase the movement speed of the troops in a certain area 100%, a skill that consumes just a little energy. Speed is very important in Ark of Osiris as you want to travel very fast to the right position on the huge map!

Swift Stride: Increases March Speed of the entire Alliance by 50% for 30s, widely used to protect or attack the Ark. Together with Running Charge, they are the literally the most effective skill in AOO.

Hard Push: An offensive skill for capturing the enemy Obelisks as it reduces the occupation time while increasing the rally’s march speed and damage by 20%.

War Drums: An offensive skill that increases the damage of 30 Alliance marches in the targeted area.

Mystical Formation: A defensive skill that increases the defense of 30 Alliance marches in a targeted area.

Tear Down: Increases the damage dealt to a specific structure by 80%, ideal for capturing key or specific points that are garrisoned such as Shrines or Obelisks.

There are a ton of skill combinations that you you use but in general, you want to be fast and gain a balanced defense-attack combination.

The skill selection also depends on the Ark of Osiris strategy your team use. The list above is just what we recommend for widely used and standard choices for all types of encounters.

Ark of Osiris Tricks and tips:

You can as well follow these tips and tricks to achieve victory or at least achieve the highest individual score and get the rewards easier:

  • Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC helps you manage the situations and win the battles a lot easier!
  • Before the battle, remember to use these buff items: Enhanced Attack, Defense, Gathering, Troop Expansion, and Alliance Titles.
  • Obtaining more than 10,000 individual points grants the highest possible reward for both sides, that is why you must just keep fighting even when your team doesn’t have any chance to win. If your armies are very weak, you still can get to the leaderboard by just gathering resources on the map, making it one of the strategies that you should never ignore.
  • The Ark appears in the middle of the map. Each team must capture it as soon as possible as it is the fastest way to score the huge amount of points (4,000 points). Simply deliver it to in one of your structures to get the points.
  • Clearly, it’s very important to defend or attack the Ark is very important to maintain or reduce a clear advantage in the battle.
  • Participating in Rally and garrisoning structures effectively is one of the best ways to add individual scores. If you are low in Power, this is an efficient way to reach 10,000 points for the individual rewards.

  • Divide the team into 3 squads (Left, Right and Middle). Prioritize the Right and Left teams as they are important for the occupation structures. The Middle team is in charge of fights for the Ark.
  • It is important to assign Officers of the Alliance with Titles in order to establish Markers, conveying the strategy, and be able to use the selected Skills.
  • Each Alliance must have at least 3 Titled officers within the match, one for each side.
  • Teleport your cities to the Obelisk ASAP after capturing them.
  • Maintain the occupation of the structures on your side.
  • You can take a huge advantage if you can steal their structures. The score increases by a lot over time!
  • Don’t fight on the open field alone unless you are a strong player and your main job is to distract their farmers at the back.
  • Plan for the participation of all Alliance players before the event starts. You want every single player to be ready for the battle. It’s best to have all key players available in a voice chat channel like Discord.
  • You do not want to include inactive players to avoid unbalanced matchmaking!
  • For more details regarding top commanders for the other aspects of the game, kindly take a look at our Rise of Kingdoms Commander Tier List page!

ONE-MINUTE TRICKS #1: Ark of Osiris Front Positioning [Rise of Kingdoms]

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