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Best Archers Commanders

Archers, one of the most offensive units in Rise of Kingdoms and extremely versatile for PVP.

They can defend garrisons very well, and attack in open-field & rally fights great. The Archer commanders are very strong in terms of damage and AOE

Best Archers Commanders Rise of Kingdoms

The Advantages of Archer Commanders

  • All archer commanders are characterized by having great damage, both physical and skill.
  • Excellent unit for PVE and PVP.
  • Talent trees generate a great impact of damage against any unit, especially infantry.
  • Most versatile commanders, fulfill any assignment perfectly.

Best Archers Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Artemisia I

Undoubtedly, Artemisia I one of the best Archer Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, very offensive and defensive at the same time, has a very powerful damage skill that can affect up to a maximum of 3 targets.

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She has a very unique combat mechanic where she increases archery units’ defense and health by up to 20%, and deal 50% more damage towards the opponents in 5s (but her troops will get silenced for 3s).

Artemisia at the same time can defend garrisons in an excellent way, this reduces the normal damage caused by the attacker by up to 10%.

Why choose Artemisia?

  • Great AOE damage skill.
  • Excellent attack buff.
  • Great defender of garrisons.
  • Excellent for PVP (Open-field and Garrisons)

Ramesses II

Excellent commander for PVP, open-field and rally.

Ramesses II is one of the most offensive-defensive archer commanders in the game due to his impressive buffs and debuffs.

Every single attack of this commander towards the enemy can be fatal.

He is excellent at fighting in open-field as he increases the damage of the troops while is on the map. His active skill causes a great debuff to the target, reducing their defense by a lot. He also has a healing factor which is excellent for archers. His skill damage reduction buff is also excellent.

He is undoubtedly one of the best archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Why choose Ramesses II?

  • Excellent damage skill reduction
  • Excellent attack buff when fighting on the map.
  • Causes great debuff towards his enemies, making them weaker in battle.
  • Excellent for PVP (Open-field and Rally)

Cyrus the Great

One of the most offensive archer commanders in the game, Cyrus the Great has a very powerful damage skill that increases the damage his enemy takes by a high percentage.

When his army has only archers, significantly increases their attack by 30% and march speed by 15%, which is quite insane.

His Expertise increases his own Rage regeneration quickly (50 rage per second) while increasing the attack and defense of Archer units by 20%.

Cyrus is one of the best commanders for open-field fights.

Why choose Cyrus the Great?

  • Excellent damage skill reduction
  • Excellent attack buff while fighting on the map.
  • Rapid rage regeneration, increased attack and defense.
  • Excellent for open-field.

Yi Seong-Gye

One of the most versatile commanders of Rise of Kingdoms and without a doubt, the best!

YSG has an insane AOE skill damage, which can affect up to a maximum of 5 targets. This skill is constantly improved by his other skills and talents, which empowers every attack and rapid Rage regeneration.

YSG also has a skill to defend garrisons and is one of the safest commanders of this type as a secondary for his great damage effect and AOE when using his active skill in any structure, he can quickly eliminate any enemy.

Why choose YSG?

  • Excellent AOE skill damage.
  • Excellent attack buff.
  • Great commander to defend garrisons.
  • Rapid Rage regeneration and incredible damage skill buff.
  • Excellent for PVP and PVE.


Tomyris is a great archer commander for PVP Open-field, Tomyris has a unique combat mechanic with direct damage skills and poison, which increases each attack damage towards the enemy affected by this ability over time.

She is one of the safest archer commanders to fight in Open-field as she reduces the cavalry attack by a great percentage and this is the type of unit that affects archers the most. She also has great defense and attack.

Tomyris is an excellent conqueror as her talents and skills increase the damage she causes to any garrison, especially cities by a lot.

Why choose Tomyris?

  • Poison.
  • Excellent damage per second.
  • A perfect combination of damage skill & normal attacks.
  • Excellent for PVP (Rally and open-field)
  • Very defensive, has good defense and damage reduction.
  • Large damage buff for your troops.


Above we have our Top 5 Archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, all with excellent versatility, great damage, and insurance for any task you assign them.

Archer commanders are among the most powerful ones in the game for dealing damage when facing any enemy.

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