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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade APK Download

Download the latest Rise of Kingdoms APK version for your Android devices now and start the adventures to conquer the world!

rise of kingdoms apk

Download Rise of Kingdoms APK

APK File Details

App Download Version
Last Updated 30-May-19
Apk Size 57M
App by Lilith Games
Content Rating Everyone 10+
Fantasy Violence
Support Android Version Android 16 and above
App Package

Wanting to spend your off time engaging in something nice? If so, then look no further. Rise of Kingdoms latest apk is here now and we will inform you about even the tiniest of the details about it.

This release features 8 civilizations, a total of 27 of real warfare and heroes as per the own description stated by the game. If you ask me, Rise of Kingdoms is amongst the finest of strategy games available on mobiles. Since it is a free game, you can expect a ton of Pay to win mechanics — and you can also keep hopes of getting an excellent gaming experience, without ever spending a dime.

In the beginning, this game asks you to pick one of the 8 civilizations from your game. This contributes to influence the whole game as each of the nations comes with their particular bonuses and strengths. Plus, each of them begins with a different commander — the hero who takes the lead in the battles.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

I’m not much of a fan of games that assign you tasks like a vital decision even prior to playing the actual game, without being aware of what the bonuses there mean. But as a solution of that — and for helping you with more tips, guides and data for Rise of Kingdoms, we’ve built a special site for Common Sense Gamer –, the very first fan site of this release.

Coming back to the game itself, it should be mentioned that we are getting a mix of excellent typical smartphone RTS mechanics and new features as well. You are crafting up an empire by improving your buildings inside your kingdom, training your armies and researching about technology. After that, you send over your army out there in the battle to take stands against the barbarians that are scattered on your map for excellent rewards. You’d mine resources on the map with the help of your team and ultimately go to fight other gamers for looting them and put out the statement that you’re the strongest one around.

Rise of Kingdoms | The Lost Kingdom Awaits

In this game, the thing that I like most is that unlike most other smartphone strategy games available out there, it lets put your focus on developing your civilization peacefully and going up against the non-gamers, then focus on forcing you to go PvP and start attacking others.

Sure, such raids do take place and they’re one of the main reasons why this game is so very thrilling. However, you have the option of avoiding being the first one to attack — but — cannot do the same when getting attacked, unfortunately.

That being said, in this game, there are many ally groups that have the potential to offer you bonuses of a similarly drawn-out extended protection from the team of your allies, but other features and goodies as well.

Alliances, for instance, holds the power to help you unlock undiscovered opportunities which opens up the potential of reaching other places on your given map and getting greater resources. They’re also able to create buildings for the alliance or even flags for expanding their resources and perimeter attained by the gamers and a whole lot more.

So as you can see, considering from a broad spectrum, Rise Of Kingdoms mod apk is apparently the BEST strategy game for smartphones available out there. This game can turn out to be very addictive for some as it offers lots of engaging things to do. However, I somehow managed to keep things very balanced and didn’t spend a good amount of real-life money after it. Yet, I am able to make nice advancements and enjoy an extremely quality time.

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Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC

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Rise of Kingdoms PC

Avoid lags and battery-draining when doing prolonged combats!
Plus: You can farm much easier!


Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC (October 2023 Update)

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