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Complete Alliance Guide for Beginners

The Alliance is definitely the most important part of Rise of Kingdoms. Thus, we want to cover the most important things you need to know about this game content when you first started playing the game!

More information will be getting updated over time to make sure you bookmark this page to come back and read new content in the future!

rise of civilizations alliance

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance will be our family, it is the brotherhood to which we can join or create it.

Within the Alliance, we will enjoy the opportunity to play with a certain number of people, we can bring our friends and together share the experiences of the game in its many forms.

Having an Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms is possibly the main task of any player.

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Alliance Features

  • Chat: We will have a chat to keep our members informed of any situation or just hang out between talks. Only members who are within the Alliance can write in this chat.
  • Technology: A panel of General Technologies for all the members of the Alliance, each Technology needs our donations of resources from time to time and its research requires Alliance Credits (HP).
  • Alliance Help: Together we can help each other to reduce Research, Construction and Healing Troop times through the Help option to all members who need it, do not hesitate to press the button to help and be helped.
  • Rally: Rallies are an exclusive option of the Alliance, they enter the tab “War” and will allow us to gather members of the Alliance in our city to prepare coordinated attacks against Barbarian Forts, Enemy Cities, Enemy Fortresses, Enemy Rallies or use it in Some Events like “Lohar’s Trial”, is the most effective way to attack with our Alliance members, to increase the Army’s capacity we must improve the Castle of our City and only the members of our Alliance will be able to join the attacks. Also, this tab “War” shows us if any enemy prepares to attack any of our companions, Flags or Fortresses.
  • Territory: In this tab, we have a deposit from the Alliance from which we can obtain per minute resources for our city. These increase the more Resource deposits we control on the map through our Flags or territory.
  • Assist and Reinforce: In this tab, we have a deposit from the Alliance from which we can obtain per minute resources for our city. These increase the more Resource deposits we control on the map through our Flags or territory….
  • Markers: The Leader and Officers of the Alliance may establish signs to indicate to the members any type of activity, these are very important, by mail we will also have the notice.
  • Shop: A Store in which we can spend our Alliance Credits will be available to all members of the Alliance, in many rewards that can be useful throughout the game.

Create Rise of Kingdoms Alliance

Creating & Joining Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

Create Alliance

To create an Alliance is simple, we only have to go to our main game Panel, Alliance and Create, for this we must pay 500 gems and fill a series of spaces required for the identification of our Alliance.

  • Alliance Tag: here we write the initials that represent us.
  • Name: The main name of the Alliance.
  • Announcement: The description or information that we want to show about our Alliance.
  • Requirement: Here we choose the requirements to enter our Alliance (Anyone Can Join or Application Needed)
  • Language: We select the preferred languages of the Alliance to show other players.
  • Alliance Symbol: In this panel we can customize our Alliance Banner which will be shown to all kingdoms.

Alliance Color

The first thing you must do once you have the Alliance created is to unite as many members as possible to grow together and help each other, for this we can make direct invitations within the Alliance options.

  • Open the Alliance tab in the Main panel
  • Then in “Settings” we click on “Invitation” and there we will see all the members of the kingdom who are outside of an Alliance, we can invite them to play together.

Join an Alliance

If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms or do not have enough experience as a player, joining an Alliance is the best way to obtain knowledge about the game, then, we should look for an Alliance of active players and request entry to it:

  • Click on our main game panel.
  • Click on Alliance.
  • Click on Join.
  • We select the alliance that we want to join and Apply or Join.

Useful Tips When Being in an Alliance

  • Be active members, help whenever our allies need it.
  • Participate in each of the Alliance Events, both PVP and PVE.
  • Assist or reinforce our allies in situations that require it.
  • Be educated within the game and more with our Alliance brothers.
  • Grow in order to make our Alliance grow.
  • Donate to develop Alliance Technologies.
  • Help to build at any time any building that is established, these will increase our territories and the limit of members of the Alliance.

Alliance Buildings

Alliances in Rise of Kingdoms have 3 types of buildings that can be built and require a certain amount of Alliance resources and Credits.

Alliance Resource Center

This will be a resource center for all the members of the Alliance in which they will be able to collect until the end of time or the type of resource.

We can only build one at a time and it cannot be explored or attacked, so your gatherers are at except inside.

If you are a Leader or Officer, keep at least one resource center active for the benefit of all.

Alliance Flags

Flags mark the territory that we are occupying as an Alliance, each flag must be built continuously from a Fortress, and the more Flags we build, the more members can join our Alliance.

In the event of a Flag being destroyed somewhere in between, all the following Flags will become “Ineffective”, the rest until the fortress will continue to be part of our Territory.

Each flag can be garrisoned by Troops in times of War or Peace or even continually reinforced while under attack. Only the Leaders or Officers will have the power to enter them to repair them. In maps like “Lost Kingdom” it is essential to be in the “Effective” territory of our Flags or Fortress, otherwise, we run the risk of being set to Zero. The durability of these depends in part on our Alliance technologies.

How To Build Alliance Flags Efficiently?

  • Focus on the resource-rich areas.
  • Try to capture Alliance Deposits.
  • Always surround your Alliance Fortress as they are the main defense for your Center Fortress.

Alliance Fortress

Our fortress is the main pillar of the Alliance which we must honor and defend at all times, we can only build 3 Fortresses at max.

From the beginning as a leader, this should be our priority, even if we are not leaders we must help in the construction of the Fortress since it is a structure that takes time and is of utmost importance to be able to make our first TP of the game and meet as an alliance around from this, from there we will begin to build our Flags.

The Fortress as well as flags can be garrisoned by Troops in times of War or Peace or even continually reinforced while under attack.

Only the Leaders or Officers will have the power to enter them to repair them.

Alliance Center Fortress

Each of these buildings requires a certain number of resources, these increase as our number grows, the more territory we occupy, the more resources we will spend to build the following structure. These resources can be supplied to our Alliance by collecting within our territory any deposit of resources, if we collect Wood, we will provide Wood to our Alliance.

Requirements Fortress 1 Fortress 2 Fortress 3
Member 20 50 50
Power 500,000 5,000,000 5,000,000
Resources* 900KGold 4.5MGold + 1.8MFood + 1.8MWood + 1.4MStone + 900KGold 9.0MGold + 4.5MFood + 4.5Wood + 2.7MStone + 1.8MGold

* The resource requirements are depending on your Clan’s Architecture 1 level. I am assuming that it is at level 5 here.

How to Get Alliance Resources?

There are two main ways to get the resources (Food, Wood, Stone and Gold) for your Alliance:

  1. To occupy the Alliance Resource Deposits by building the Alliance Flags and capturing them within your Alliance territory.
  2. Having Alliance members farming inside the Alliance Territory. The Alliance will gain a certain x% of the resources farmed by members.
rise of civilizations alliance gold deposit
Alliance’s Gold Deposit

Ways to Get Alliance Credits

  • Alliance Help
  • Alliance Technology Donations
  • Building Alliance Constructions. This is the best way to gain a significant amount of Individual Alliance Credits Individual Alliance Credits for yourself.

Alliance Technologies

Like individuals in our Academy, we have a series of general Technologies for all the members of the Alliance as we explained previously. These have levels of improvements for which we must donate the more we increase their effectiveness, that is, their cost increases for each improvement.


They are focused on fundamental benefits within the Alliance, such as increasing the maximum number of Members (“Great Alliance”), increases in the Speed of Construction and Research (“City Construction and Techonology Research”), increased Experience and Damage that we cause to Neutral units like Barbarian (“Regular Army”) will even have technologies for our economy within this framework that will be of great help to us (“Food, Wood, Stone and Gold Gathering”).

It is important to highlight that, if we are thinking of creating an Alliance for Farm accounts, we must recommend these technologies as the main one for donations from our allies.

Alliance Development Technologies


The Technologies of Territories are based on the spaces that we occupy within the map as an Alliance, each of our flags or Fortresses will give us benefits of greater Attack, Defense and Movement speed for our troops, we must prioritize (“Flag Quantity”) a technology to increase the maximum number of our Flags, important to expand our territory across the map. These technologies also increase the durability of our buildings (“Building Durability”) and allow us to attack enemy buildings with percentages of Speed of Incineration (“Conqueror”) are of great importance for our territory.

Alliance Territory Technologies


Here are all those related to fighting enemies, Attack and Defense are fundamental for each of our units, Cavalry, Infantry, Archers and Siege.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

Each of the units mentioned above will be rewarded by certain amounts of benefits that will be important in any area of the structures of our alliance. We will even have increases in troop capacity in Rally when attacking enemy cities (“Unite as One”), also reductions in Rally time (“Fast Rally”), and increased speed of this (“Assembly Charge”).

Alliance War Technologies

Alliance Skills

This last tab of the Alliance Technologies is dedicated to 6 unique Skills, that we can use once the Leader or Officers activate it, each of them provides certain improvements and bonuses to all the members of the Alliance, all with a time reuse and restart. In order to use these skills, donations are required from all members of the alliance each time they are restarted.

These skills in any Alliance must be the last donation priorities since they will be active improvements for a defined time.

Alliance Skills

Alliance Gifts

An option that gives us the game to reward our alliance partners, we will have it available at all times of the game where we will send our friends in one way or another some gift, be it destroying “Barbarian Forts“, some events such as “Lohar Trial” or buying bundles from Rise of Kingdoms with real money.

Each of these forms increases the progress of a General chest for all members that can randomly contain multiple rewards, this chest every 10 levels increases its drop quality.

Each member of the Alliance has 24 hours to claim each gift sent to the Alliance panel.

Alliance Gifts

What are Alliance Credits (Silver and Gold)?

Alliance credits are one of the most important sources of income within “Rise of Kingdoms”, both individually and collectively, we must use them in the best possible way. If we lead an alliance, using these credits is vital for the development of our members and that they feel at home, providing them with the best security and benefits is one of our tasks as a Leader.

Alliance Credits are of great importance in earning rewards, developing, and building our Alliance.

There are two types of credits:

  • Individual Alliance Credits Silver: For individual purchases in the “Alliance Shop”
  • alliance credits Gold: For the use of the activities of the Alliance.

What can we buy with Alliance Credits?



Cost in Alliance Shop



Speedup 1m

800 Individual Alliance Credits

250 alliance credits

Reduces the time of any one queue by 1 minute.

Speedup 15m

10,000 Individual Alliance Credits

3,000 alliance credits

Reduces the time of any one queue by 15 minutes.

Speedup 60m

30,000 Individual Alliance Credits

10,000 alliance credits

Reduces the time of any one queue by 60 minutes.

Speedup 3h

80,000 Individual Alliance Credits

25,000 alliance credits

Reduces the time of any one queue by 3 hours.
food 8h.png

8-Hour Food Boost

20,000 Individual Alliance Credits

6,500 alliance credits

Increases Food production by 25% for 8 Hours.
wood 8h.png

8-Hour Wood Boost

20,000 Individual Alliance Credits

6,500 alliance credits

Increases Wood production by 25% for 8 Hours.
stone 8h.png

8-Hour Stone Boost

20,000 Individual Alliance Credits

6,500 alliance credits

Increases Stone production by 25% for 8 Hours.
8h enchanced.png

8-Hour Enhanced Gathering

100,000 Individual Alliance Credits

30,000 alliance credits

Increases gathering speed of all types of resources by 50% for 8 hours.
4h troops.png

Basic Army Expansion


65,000 alliance credits

Increases troop capacity of all commanders by 25% for 4 hours.
12h attack.png

12-Hour Enhanced Attack

60,000 Individual Alliance Credits

20,000 alliance credits

Increases the Attack of all troops by 5% for 12 hours.
12 h defense.png

12-Hour Enhanced Defense

60,000 Individual Alliance Credits

20,000 alliance credits

Increases the Defense of all troops by 5% for 12 hours.
peace shield.png

Peace Shield

150,000 Individual Alliance Credits

50,000 alliance credits

Activates a Shield that can protect your city for 8 hours.

VIP Points x100

50,000 Individual Alliance Credits

15,000 alliance credits

Adds 100 VIP Points to your character.

Lvl. 4 Tome of Knowledge

25,000 Individual Alliance Credits

8,000 alliance credits

Use this item to add 5,000 EXP to your commander.

Talent Reset


50,000 alliance credits

Can be used to reset the commander talent.
random tp.png

Random Teleport

100,000 Individual Alliance Credits

30,000 alliance credits

Teleports your city to a random location on the map (cannot be used when fighting against a rallied Army)
territorial tp.png

Territorial Teleport

150,000 Individual Alliance Credits

50,000 alliance credits

Teleports your city to a designated location in alliance territory on the map (cannot be used when fighting against a rallied Army)

Targeted Teleport

300,000 Individual Alliance Credits

100,000 alliance credits

Teleports your city to a designated location on the map (cannot be used when fighting against a rallied Army)

Governor Rename

100,000 Individual Alliance Credits

30,000 alliance credits

Can be used to modify your nickname.
silver keys.png

Silver Key

120,000 Individual Alliance Credits

40,000 alliance credits

Use this key to open a Silver Chest in the Tavern.

Passport Page

600,000 Individual Alliance Credits

100,000 alliance credits

Choose a new Civilization to Play.
change civ.png

Civilization Change

2,000,000 Individual Alliance Credits

650,000 alliance credits

A special consumable item used for immigration.

As you can see, our “Alliance Shop” has multiple items which we can use for our own consumption, just enough to have credits and know how to buy them. Our leader and Alliance R4 can supply the reserves of this Shop using “Alliance Credits (Silver)”.

What should I buy or have in the Inventory?

  • Teleports: It is important to always have Teleports, be it of any of the 3 types, however, 2 are fundamental (Territorial and Targeted Teleport), our security and fast support in the War depend on this item, if we are about to go “Lost Kingdom KvK” we must carry at least a dozen of these, it will be of great importance. So this must be our first priority in Shop.
  • VIP Points: If we are F2P players we will need to quickly reach VIP Level 10 to obtain our daily Legendary Commander Sculpture golden head, therefore whenever you can, invest credits in this item.
  • Peace Shield: Always remember to save some “Peace Shield”! While we are fighting in “The Lost Kingdom” we must not forget that we are human beings and we need to take a break, sleep or relax from the game and if we are going to be inactive for some time, we must not forget to use Bubble, we risk being put to Zero. For this reason it is necessary to secure the reserves of “Peace Shield”
  • Basic Army Expansion: We must always have these to increase the capacity of our armies when fighting in events like “Ark of Osiris” and “Lost Kingdom”.
  • Passport Page” if at any point in the game we want to migrate, it is important to buy from these, since our Power increases daily, and more “Passport Page” are required to reach any other kingdom as we grow.
  • Talent Reset: Are you concerned about a commander who is not fulfilling his role well? Do not worry if you buy one of these, you can start your 0 talents again and arrange them as you like.

These are some of the most important purchases that we must make for credits.

However I do not want to say that the rest are useless (except for “Silver Key”) the other items will always work at any time of the game, the Speeds, Enhanced Gathering, Attack or Defense, each of them fulfills its function within the game and we must know how to take advantage of them, therefore, you decide, our advice is on the table.

How to get Alliance Credits (Silver and Gold)?

Among the various forms that exist, these are the main and most efficient, take advantage of them:

  • Daily credit Rewards with Alliance Help: Helping our allies to build/upgrade buildings, research technologies, and heal troops, will give us daily credits up to a maximum of 10,000 per day. Each help action will fill the progress bar by 1% or a minimum of 1 minute (certain Alliance technologies can increase this further)
    Screenshot_20200727-110819_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg
  • Alliance Technology Donation: When we donate resources to research the Alliance’s technologies, we obtain credits for these actions, the more we donate the more we generate alliance credits.
  • Alliance Chests: Every chest we open from our Alliance gifts, whether it is destroying Barbarian Forts, buying from us or from fellow in-game packs or some events, are probable to grant us Gold or Silver credits.
    alliance chest
  • Alliance Constructions: We can always help build Fortresses, Flags, or Resource Points, each of them grants individual credits for the time we are helping to build, however this way you can only get 20,000 credits per day at max (Silver).
  • Events: Some events will have as credits item credits that we can use, for example: Ark of Osiris, it gives us credits (Silver) for participating. Thus other events will grant equal or more credits of both types.

Therefore it is important:

  • Donate resources for Alliance Technologies.
  • Participate in the constructions of the Alliance, mainly in those of “1 troop or more” that helps us to farm credits.
  • Help all members whenever they ask for it. It is just a button. Use it.
  • Participate in events of any kind that grant Alliance credits.

How to use Alliance Credits (Gold)

  • Focus on our Alliance buildings and Technology Research. Whenever we can we should use these credits for these tasks.
  • Building Resource deposits for all the members of the Alliance costs credit but helps to guarantee the economy of our colleagues.
  • Restocking items in “Alliance Shop”, only the Officers and Leader can use the credits to restock the shop again. Don’t let anything run out.
  • If we are at war, our structures such as Flags and Fortress may be under fire, only our Officers and Leader can repair them by entering them and usingAlliance credits.
  • The Alliance skills can be activated in the Technologies tab, we must have donated the maximum of these to be able to use them, once we use it, corresponding benefits will be applied to all the members, they will be helpful in the time they last, take advantage of them and use them wisely.alliance storehouse

Holy Sites

Each alliance can control “Holy Sites” along with the map.

Thanks to its constructions and captures of these, each “Holy Sites” will bring bonuses to the Alliance in general and to each member of it, improvements of all kinds that will be useful to the Throughout the game, Attack, Defense, Construction Speeds, Research, Gathering, etc.

To be aware of these “Holy Sites” you must learn to identify each point on the Map of Rise of Kingdoms and delve into the adventure of each of these places to recognize how many benefits it will give us. We will even have some new ones for later capture entering maps such as “Lost Kingdom”.

Alliance Resources and Territory Management BEST Tips and Guides | Rise of Kingdoms

Join a Top Alliance!

Shared by soysssauce

Join the top alliance where the whales is!

Please, please, please for the love of god, take this tip with you, and do everything you can to join a top alliance.

If you are not in the top alliance and you are free to play, you will get bullied, and you won’t have fun.

A kingdom’s history is written by top alliances, usually less than 5 (most likely 1-3). Get to the most powerful alliances you can.

You will be surprised by how willing they are to accept you.

Check out the gift levels of the alliance, the highest gift level one is usually the most powerful one.

Check out their least powered members, if your power is higher than theirs, most likely they will accept you.

Make a self-introduction, tell their rank 4 members (officers) that you are experienced players, you are p2p, you are very active, you are royal and you always help build flags.

Once you join them, participate in the chat, mingle with members, help answer questions, make friend with the members, especially the top members.

If you are F2P and you are in a top alliance, the benefit you receive will be equals to the dolphins. When the whales buy package, you get a share of their package too, and the top whales always buy those packages that gives golden chest.

To give you an idea, every day I woke up and got like 80 hours of speed up plus 2000 gem worth of golden package, plus some golden keys and a bunch other stuff.

On top of that, top alliances usually have more control of Shrines and maps. Those things give you research, training, building bonuses so you get more bang for your buck when you do those things.

Having a hard time joining the top alliance because your power is too low?

Create a jumpers account and start over.

A jumper’s account is where you start in a brand new server, and keep your city hall under 7, level up everything to the max, get all the rewards (including the one from the cave, if possible), and then jump that account to another brand new server.

It is best to create 2 jumper accounts at a time, one is your main and the other one is your farming account.

In your farming account, make sure you only focus on farming skills/commanders so that it can feed your main account.

I know a guy who is completely free to play and is a jumper, he was on the top 50 power ranking in our server for a while until he migrated out.

Don’t want your current progress to be wasted?

No problem, keep playing the current account and migrated this account to your successful server as another alt account when the kingdom is open for migration.

Please, join a good alliance. Have fun. Cheers.

Alliance Guide Part 1, [Beginner

Alliance Guide Part 2 Alliance Resources [Beginner


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