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Achievements are the new feature that was released in Rise of Kingdoms with the huge Lost Kingdom update.

It is pretty similar to the Monument but it is based on your own stats rather than the whole Kingdom’s stats (like Monument).

For every time you complete a task in any achievement section, you will receive a decent amount of Achievement Points. Gain Achievement Points to unlock various valuable rewards such as Legendary Commander Sculpture Dazzling Starlight SculptureGolden KeyGem

rise of kingdoms achievements

Rise of Kingdoms Achievements System

engineer achievement


Engineer Achievements are a testament to your outstanding contributions to the development of your city and your alliance.

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Great HelperHelp your allies 10,000 times10
Elite TroopsUnlock a Tier 2 unit by researching the required technologies10
Hide and SeekUpgrade the technology “Camouflage” to level 510
Ecstasy of GoldUpgrade the technology “Metallurgy” to level 110
Time FliesUse 100 days of Building Speedups10
Cut Above the RestUnlock a Tier 3 unit by researching the required technologies20
Sturdy FoundationsIncrease total building power to 1,000,0005
Rapid ProgressIncrease total building power to 3,000,00010
Bronze BeautyEnter Bronze Age5
Iron WillEnter Iron Age10
Dark NightEnter Dark Age20
Resistance is FeudalEnter the Feudal Age30
Constantinople Can’t CompeteUpgrade your wall to level 2110
League of Your OwnUnlock a Tier 4 unit by researching the required technologies30
Doomsday DeviceUnlock a civilization’s special unit20
Good StudentIncrease total technology power to 1,000,0005
Gem ConnoisseurUpgrade the technology “Jewelry” o Level 110
Architectural GeniusUpgrade your city hall to Level 2520
Hale & HeartyUpgrade 2 hospitals to level 2510
In Fine FettleUpgrade 3 hospitals to level 2520
Unsleeping EyesUpgrade the scout camp to Level 2520
Fortune’s FavorUpgrade the tavern to Level 2520
License to Farm (Novice)Gather 30,000,000 resources on the map5
License to Farm (Journeyman)Gather 70,000,000 resources on the map5
License to Farm (Master)Gather 120,000,000 resources on the map10
City of Plenty IGather 200,000,000 resources on the map15
City of Plenty IIGather 400,000,000 resources on the map20
City of Plenty IIIGather 700,000,000 resources on the map25
Kingdom of Plenty IGather 1,200,000,000 resources on the map30
Kingdom of Plenty IIGather 1,800,000,000 resources on the map35
Kingdom of Plenty IIIGather 2,500,000,000 resources on the map40
Land of Milk and Honey IGather 3,500,000,000 resources on the map45
Land of Milk and Honey IIGather 5,000,000,000 resources on the map50
Land of Milk and Honey IIIGather 7,000,000,000 resources on the map50
World’s Best GathererGather 10,000,000,000 resources on the map50
Time is MoneyUse a total of 1,000 days of Building Speedups20
Flags FirstObtain 200,000 individual credits from Alliance Flags10
Flags ForeverObtain 1,000,000 individual credits from Alliance Flags20
Blood, Sweat and TearsEarn 1,000,000 Alliance Credits10
Guardians of the KingdomUnlock a Tier 5 unit50
Lay of the LandUpgrade the technology “Cartography” to level 510
Number TheoryUpgrade the technology “Mathematics” to level 1010
Expert ScholarIncrease total technology power to 5,000,00010
Learned ProfessorIncrease total technology power to 10,000,00015
Wise SageIncrease total technology power to 20,000,00020
Know It AllIncrease total technology power to 30,000,00030
Balanced DevelopmentUpgrade all upgradeable buildings to level 15 or higher10
Stable ProgressUpgrade all upgradeable buildings to level 20 or higher20
All-around AwesomeUpgrade all upgradeable buildings to level 25 or higher30
Ready to RumbleIncrease total building power to 5,000,00015
Prosperous TimesIncrease total building power to 10,000,00020
Strong BulwarksIncrease total building power to 14,000,00025
Second to NoneIncrease total building power to 18,000,00030
Gems GaloreGather 100 Gems on the map10
Hard WorkerCollect 10,000,000 resources from resource structures in city5
Diligent OverseerCollect 50,000,000 resources from resource structures in city10
Champion ClickerCollect 100,000,000 resources from resource structures in city15
Bot Alert!Collect 500,000,000 resources from resource structures in city20
Bumper MonthUse 720 hours of Resource Boosts10
First Class EngineerUpgrade the technology “Engineering” to level 1010
Strength Through SolidarityComplete 1,000 alliance technology donations10
Hero of the DayDonate 15,000 technology points to you alliance in a single day10
Core MemberDonate 100,000 technology points to your Alliance10
Model AllyDonate 1,000,000 technology points to your Alliance20
IndispensableDonate 2,000,000 technology points to your Alliance30
Day by DayComplete 1,000 daily objectives10

overlord achievements


“Overlord” achievements commemorate your military strength and your success upholding peace throughout the kingdom.

Strong BonesIncrease total commander power to 100,0005
Strength in Numbers IIncrease total number of units to 200,0005
Strength in Numbers IIIncrease total number of units to 500,00010
New RecruitsIncrease total troop power to 500,00020
Rising ArmyIncrease total troo power to 1,000,00025
TadpoleIncrease total power to 1,000,0005
GuppyIncrease total power to 3,000,00010
MackerelIncrease total power to 5,000,00015
White BrillianceClaim a Treasure of White Crystal5
See Everywhere, Hear EverythingUpgrade your scout camp to Level 11 and recruit 3 scouts5
Mayor of the PalaceOwn Charles Martel5
Crystal CollectorClaim 10 Treasures of Crystal (any grade)5
Tough OpponentDefeat Lohar 30 times5
A Fresh StartCapture 1 sanctums with your Alliance10
New HeightsCapture 1 altar with your Alliance10
Fortified PositionCapture 1 pass with your alliance10
Littler Picker-UpperDefeat a Lvl.1 Barbarian Fort5
Garbage DisposalDefeat a Lvl.2 Barbarian Fort5
Trash CompactorDefeat a Lvl.3 Barbarian Fort5
First TriumvirateOwn Julius Caesar5
Sultan of VezirsOwn Mehmed II5
Kaiser RotbartOwn Frederick I5
King of WeiOwn Cao Cao5
Price of ValenciaOwn El Cid5
Honored GuestOwn a legendary commander10
Green BrillianceClaim a Treasure of Green Crystal5
Five Paths to VictoryUpgrade City Hall to level 22 and unlock the fifth troop dispatch5
Ptolemaic DynastyOwn Cleopatra VII5
Tough SkinIncrease total commander power to 500,00010
Invincible SpiritIncrease total commander power to 1,500,00015
Battlefield PresenceIncrease total troop power to 5,000,00030
God of WarIncrease total troop power to 20,000,00050
One for the MoneyOwn a 6-star Commander10
Maxed OutOwn a Level 60 Commander10
Two for the ShowUpgrade 2 commanders to Star Level 620
Three Ways to WinUpgrade 3 commanders to Star level 630
Four Wins of ateUpgrade 4 Commanders to Star Level 640
Five Peaks of PerfectionUpgrade 5 Commanders to Star Level 650
Strength in Numbers (Master)Increase total number of units to 1,000,00015
More is Better (Novice)Increase total number of units to 2,000,00020
More is Better (Journeyman)Increase total number of units to 3,000,00025
More is Better (Master)Increase total number of units to 4,000,00030
Golden HordeIncrease total number of units to 5,000,00030
FlounderIncrease total power to 10,000,00020
MarlinIncrease total power to 30,000,00025
WhaleIncrease total power to 50,000,00030
KrakenIncrease total power to 100,000,00035
LeviathanIncrease total power to 200,000,00050
Blue BrillianceClaim a Treasure of Blue Crystal5
Purple BrillianceClaim a Treasure of Purple Crystal10
Orange BrillianceClaim a Treasure of Orange Crystal10
Rainbow BrillianceClaim a Treasure of Rainbow Crystal10
Grateful HeartClaim 100 Alliance Gifts10
Annihilate AndaalDefeat Fists of Blades Andaal10
Level LukorDefeat Bearkeeper Lokor10
Mangle MurosDefeat Shield Chieftain Murdos10
Pummel PacheDefeat Prist Pache10
Smash SolonDefeat Solon Por10
Karuak WarriorDefeat 40 Karuak Ceremory bosses (any level)10
Almost AmazingCapture 1 Shrine with your Alliance10
King’s HonorCapture the Lost Temple with your alliance10
Sanitation DepartmentDefeat a Lvl.4 Barbarian Fort10
Mister CleanDefeat i Lvl.5 Barbarian Fort10
EliminatorDestroy 100 Barbarian Forts5
EradicatorDestroy 1,000 Barbarian Forts10
Renowned RalliesUpgrade your Castle to level 25 & Increase rallied army capacity to 2,000,00010
From Republic to EmpireUpgrade Julius Caesar’s Divine Julius skill to Level 510
Roman RadianceUnlock Julius Caesar’s expertise20
Constantinus AugustusOwn Constantine I5
Heavenly ProtectionUpgrade Constantine’s “Cross of the Divine” skill to level 510
Pride of ByzatiumUnlock Constantine’s expertise20
Ayyubid DynastyOwn Saladin5
Soul SearcherUpgrade Saladin’s “Hold Fast” skill to level 510
Eagle of EgyptUnlock Saladin’s expertise20
Influential LeaderUpgrade Mehmed II “Sage King” skill to level 510
Triumph of the AgesUnlock Mehmed II’s Expertise20
Red Hot FuryUpgrade Frederick I’s “Barbarossa” skill to level 510
Fiery RageUnlock Frederick I’s expertise20
Joseon DynastyOwn Yi Seong Gye5
Dire ArrowsUpgrade Yi Seong Gye’s Rain of Arrows skill to level 510
Irresistible ForceUnlock Yi Seong Gye’s Expertise20
Victor of ChangbanUpgrade Cao Cao’s “Tiger Knight” skill to level 510
Imperial AuthorityUnlock Cao Cao’s Expertise20
Rex AnglorumOwn Richard I5
Crysade Without EndUpgrade Richard I’s “Sould of the Crusaders” skill to level 510
Lion’s RoarUnlock Richard I’s Expertise20
UshiwakamaruOwn Minamoto no Yoshitsume5
Blade of TearsUpgrade Minamoto’s First Skill to level 510
Kuro HoganUnlock Minamoto’s Expertise20
Stainless Steel HammerUpgrade Charles Martel’s first skill to level 510
Victory in HandUnlock Charles Martel’s Expertise20
The ReconquistaUpgrade El Cid’s first skill to level 510
Poem of El CidUnlock El Cid’s Expertise20
General of CarthageOwn Hannibal Barca5
Force of NatureUpgrade Hannibal Barca’s first skill to level 510
Unbroken OathUnbroken Oath20
Iset’s GraceUpgrade Cleopatra’s first skill to level 510
Queen of the NileUnlock Cleopatra’s Expertise20
BelieverBe part of an alliance that simultaneously controls 4 sanctums20
DevoteeBe part of an alliance that simultaneously controls 6 sanctums20
PriestBe part of an alliance that simultaneously controls 4 shrines20
ZealotBe part of an alliance that controls all the sanctums in a province30
FanaticBe part of an alliance that controls all the altars in a province30
TheocratBe part of an alliance that controls all the shrines in the kingdom50



Vanquisher achievements are a record of the valiance and honor you have shown on the battlefield.

Minamoto's AmbushComplete the 10th mission in the Expedition5
Deadly ArrowsComplete the 40th mission in the Expedition10
Return of Yi Seong-GyeComplete the 50th mission in the Expedition15
Tough CookieReceive a total rating of 50 Stars in Expedition5
Smart CrackerReceive a total rating of 100 Stars in Expedition10
WisenheimerReceive a total rating of 150 Stars in Expedition15
Carthaginian ElephantsComplete the 20th mission in Expedition5
Scipio's AmbitionsComplete the 30th mission in Expedition10
Survival of the Fittest IKill 100,000 units10
Survival of the Fittest IIKill 200,000 units10
Survival of the Fittest IIIKill 500,000 Units10
Blood & Guts IKill 1,000,000 Units15
Blood & Guts IIKill 2,000,000 Units15
Blood & Guts IIIKill 5,000,000 Units15
Fields of Bone IKill 10,000,000 Units20
Fields of Bone IIKill 20,000,000 Units20
Fields of Bone IIIKill 50,000,000 Units30
Leave None Alive IKill 100,000,000 Units30
Leave None Alive IIKill 200,000,000 Units40
Leave None Alive IIIKill 500,000,000 Units40
Scorched EarthKill 1,000,000,000 Units50
RebuildingHeal 100,000 wounded units in the hospital10
RestorationHeal 200,000 wounded units in the hospital20
County SheriffDefeat 5,000 Barbarians20
National GuardDefeat 10,000 Barbarians30
Only Flesh WoundLose 100,000 troops in battle10
No Pain, No GainLose 1,000,000 troops in battle20
Time TravelerUse 10 year of Speedups items10
TenacityLose 100 Battles5
PrudenceScout 100 times5
Know Thy EnemyScout 1,000 Times10
Wei's UltimatumComplete the 55th mission in the Expedition mode20
Red Beard's ChallengeComplete the 60th mission in the Expedition mode25
Heart of the LionComplete the 65th mission in the Expedition mode30
Caesar's CrownComplete the 70th mission in the Expedition mode30
InvasionDefeat a city belonging to a governor from another civilization5
ResistanceDefeat a governor from another alliance on your alliance's territory5
Trial of the EmperorDefeat an army led by Julius Caesar5
Trial of the LordDefeat an army led by Constantine I5
Trial of the GeneralDefeat an army led by Hannibal Barca5
Trial of the PharaohDefeat an army led by Cleopatra5
Trial of the SultanDefeat an army led by Saladin5
Trial of the ConquerorDefeat an army led by Mehmed II5
Trial of the KaiserDefeat an army led by Frederick I5
Trial of the RevolutionaryDefeat an army led by Yi Seong-Gye5
Trial of the ChancellorDefeat an army led by Cao Cao5
Trial of the LionheartDefeat an army led by Richard I5
Trial of the SamuraiDefeat an army led by Minamoto no Yoshitsune5
Trial of the DukeDefeat an army led by Charles Martel5
Trial of the MasterDefeat an army led by El Cid5
Trial of the TacticianDefeat an army led by Sun Tzu5
Trial of the LiberatorDefeat an army led by Hermann5
Trial of the LoyalistDefeat an army led by Kusunoki Masashige5
Trial of the WarlordDefeat an army led by Scipio Africanus5
Trial of the Field MarshallDefeat an army led by Eulji Mundeok5
Trial of the InsurgentDefeat an army led by Boudica5
Trial of the DevoutDefeat an army led by Pelagius5
Art of ConquestDefeat an army belonging to a governor from another civilization5
ChessmasterReceive a total rating of 180 Stars in Expedition20
Einstein's UncleReceive a total rating of 210 Stars in Expedition30
Strong DefenderDefend your city against attacks launched by other governors 1 time10
Adamantine WallsDefend your city against attacks launched by other governors 10 time20
CutthroatDefeat armies or cities belonging to other governors 10 times10
SlayerDefeat armies or cities belonging to other governors 100 times20
ButcherDefeat armies or cities belonging to other governors 1,000 times50
BurglarPlunder 5,000,000 resources from another city in a single attack10
Horse ThiefPlunder 10,000,000 resources from another city in a single attack20
Cattle RustlerPlunder 15,000,000 resources from another city in a single attack30
Grand Theft ResourcesPlunder 18,000,000 resources from another city in a single attack50

adventurer achievement


Adventurer achievements symbolize your love of challenge and enthusiasm for exploration.

Technicolor ThemesObtain three permanent city themes10
Small TimerOpen 100 Chests in the Tavern10
Moderate ProsperityPlace 20 King's Road blocks in your city5
Ornate IndulgencePlace 100 King's Road blocks in your city10
Heavenly DecorPlace 130 King's Road blocks in your City20
Friend of the KingdomVisit 100 tribal villages5
Commander AcademyUpgrade the Star Level of 20 different commanders5
SpelunkerInvestigate 20 mysterious caves5
Explore for LifeExplore all fog blocks in the Kingdom before "Long Peace"10
Shot Through the HeartApply the Cupid's Arrow (Permanent) city theme10
MaestroBuild 25 decorative structures in your city10
Always FashionableObtain a permanent city theme10
A Friend IndeedSend 1,000,000 resources to allies10
Shifting StrategiesReset commander talents 3 times10
Make Up Your Mind!Reset commander talents 10 times20
Chest ExpertOpen 1,000 chests in the Tavern20
LocksmithOpen 10,000 chests in the Tavern50
Shade MakerPlant 20 trees in your City5
Gleam of the FutureBuild a decorate structure: Street Lamp (Modern)5
Glow of the PastBuild a decorate structure: Street Lamp (Antique)5
Porcelain PusherBuild a decorate structure: Vase5
Incense AficionadoBuild a decorate structure: Stone Censer5
Fire FanaticBuild a decorate structure: Brazier5
Water WorshiperBuild a decorate structure: Fountain5
Statue BuffBuild a decorate structure: Human Sculpture5
Lion TamerBuild a decorate structure: Guardian Lion5
Myth ManiacBuild a decorate structure: Pegasus5
Dragon TrainerBuild a decorate structure: Chinese Dragon5
Shinto EnthusiastBuild a decorate structure: Torii5
Toasty WarmPlace 5 braziers in your city10
WellspringPlace 4 fountains in your city10
Shinto BlissPlace 5 torii in your city10
ExorcismPlace 5 guardian lions in your city10
Pitched BattleComplete Mission 56 in Expedition mode while using Saladin10
Impulse SpenderUse up all the refresh chances in the mysterious merchant's boutique10
BuyoutPurchase all of the items for sale in the mysterious merchant's boutique10
Witness ProtectionChange your nickname 10 times5
FaceliftChange your avatar 20 times5
Thousand Mile JourneyTeleport your city 10 times5
Clean SweepSummon Lohar 30 times5
New LookApply a new city theme5
Never SurrenderFail an Expedition mode mission 10 times in a row5
Registered CitizenUse 1 name plaques5
International SpyUse 2 name plaques10
Options are NiceObtain 2 avatar frames5
Master DecoratorObtain 10 avatar frames10
Long VacationUse a 30-Day Peace Shield5
Ivory TowerUse 1,440 hours of Peace Shields10
Empty Fort StrategyUse a Deceptive Troops (24 hours) Item5
Top SecretUse an Anti-reconnaissance Technology (7 Days) item5
All InAccumulate more than 200 Golden Keys and open them all at once10
SightseerChange civilization once5
AdventurerChange civilization 3 times10
GlobetrotterChange civilization 30 times10
Persistence PaysPurchase 50 Dazzling Starlight Sculptures from the Medal Store10
Seize the DayComplete all daily objectives within a single day5
Savvy ShopperPurchase 99 items from the alliance shop10
Pyrrhic VictoryHave 10,000 of your units become severely wounded after reinforcing allies5
Risky BusinessGather 5,000,000 resources with a single army5
Living on a PrayerGather 10,000,000 resources with a single army10
Long-range StrikeDefeat a barbarian troop located more than 200km from your City10
Pumpkin PieApply the Trick or Treat (Permanent) city theme10
Reap What You SowApply the Sower's Song (Permanent) city theme10
Christmas DecorationsApply the Silent Night (Permanent) city theme10
Field of DreamsCollect 400,000 resources from a single farm at once10
LumberjackCollect 400,000 resources from a single lumber mill at once10
Rock & RollCollect 400,000 resources from a single quarry at once10
Hand of MidasCollect 200,000 resources from a single goldmine at once10


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