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Academy & Researching Tips

Rise of Kingdoms Academy

Rise of Kingdoms Academy

The Rise of Kingdoms Academy is one of the fundamental structures to reach our greatest potential within the game, either by the branch of Economy or by the Military.

The goal of every player is to investigate the precious Golden or T5 units as quickly as possible, of course, some people do it much faster than others depending on how much you spend in the game, but do not worry, if you do not spend much or nothing and follow these tips you will be able to investigate the T5 as quickly as possible.

Note: It is essential to prioritize Military research in order to support our kingdom in PVP events such as “The Lost Kingdom” (KvK), but we also need Economic technologies since these are the basis of our resources and collection, research and construction speeds.

Economic Technologies


The first 3 columns of the Economic Technology tree (above) can be obtained by visiting villages on the map during the early game.

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The first economic technologies that we will need are the following:


It is one of the initial technologies of the game and in which we must invest some speeds if possible since it increases the construction speed by 15% at its maximum level and will help us develop our buildings and structures faster.


It will increase the research speed of our Academy to a maximum of 10%, we must point it out as “very important” since it will reduce many hours and minutes of our research at the Academy, both Military and Economic.


This research will increase our construction speed by 35%, if we add it to “Masonry” (35% + 15% = 50%), that is, we would have a reduction in construction time of 50%, half the time of any building.


Increase the Research speed of the Academy by 15%, here we have another of the main investigations of the economic branch.

With these technologies at maximum, we will have much less development time for Research and Construction so we gradually reduce our path to the Golden units.

Military Technologies

We must quickly reach our T3 and T4 units, therefore:

Tier 3 Units

The T3 units still do not have any of your Civilization, they are simply all the same for anyone, however, they will give us the first insight on which units we prefer for our future, Archers, Cavalry or Infantry, all depending on the commanders we focus on.

Tier 4 Units

After reaching City Hall 21 it will be of vital importance to develop our special unit of Civilization, Archer, Cavalry, or Infantry. These will be our Leader unit to which we must focus our maximum effort on Commanders and Military Technologies (Without forgetting the others).

Once we have our developed T4, we will go through a long Technological process to reach T5.

Combat Tactics, Defensive Formation and Herbal Medicine

Screenshot_20200718-173402_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

These 3 technologies will be the most fundamental to develop after having all our T4s investigated, each of them requires a certain amount of time depending on the level we investigate as they are important and required for the latest T5 research.

Then we must develop Cartography to be able to focus on the latest Military and important technologies such as “Medical Corps”, “Encampment” and “Combined Arms” so the path becomes much shorter for the T5.

However it will not be easy because we must raise our CH to Level 25, then focus on our Castle Level 25 that needs many “Books of Covenant” that can only be obtained by destroying Forts or buying them for Gems, once these constructions are finished we can develop our Academy to Level 25.

Level 20 21 22 23 24 25
Research Speed Bonus 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 25%

Our Economic branch must be at its maximum to Investigate our Golden units, they are short days but the game requires it, and finally develop the final Military that requires some patience because they will be investigations of days and months, we must focus on our main unit, remember just focus on one and that should be your main combat unit.

Academy Researching Tips

Before researching any Technology:

  • Apply for the Scientist Kingdom Title to increase Research speed by 10%.
  • Look in each of the Kingdom structures such as Shrines, Altars and Temples for a Guardian rune for Research, thus increasing another extra % and thus saving time.
  • Use your speeds at the best times to earn extra rewards especially in Kingdom Events where you must use accelerators and increase Research or Power.
  • Make sure you are in a Top Alliance, so you can get better Research and Development technologies as well as the maximum possible help from your allies quickly.

Technology Unlocks

Academy Level




Quarrying Level 1

Irrigation Level 1

Handsaw Level 1

Military Discipline Level 1

Iron Working Level 1

Improved Fletching Level 1

Horsemanship Level 1

Flaming Projectile Level 1


Irrigation Level 2

Handsaw Level 2



Irrigation Level 3

Handsaw Level 3

Handsaw Level 3

Iron Working Level 2

Improved Fletching Level 2

Horsemanship Level 2

Flaming Projectile Level 2


Irrigation Level 4

Handsaw Level 4



Irrigation Level 5

Handsaw Level 5

Sickle Level 1

Masonry Level 1

Handaxe Level 1

Iron Working Level 3

Improved Fletching Level 3

Horsemanship Level 3

Flaming Projectile Level 3


Sickle Level 2

Masonary Level 2

Handaxe Level 2



Sickle Level 3

Masonary Level 3

Handaxe Level 3

Iron Working Level 4

Improved Fletching Level 4

Horsemanship Level 4

Flaming Projectile Level 4


Sickle Level 4

Masonary Level 4

Handaxe Level 4



Light Cavalry


Tracking Level 1

Pathfinding Level 1


Sickle Level 5

Masonary Level 5

Handaxe Level 5

Iron Working Level 5

Improved Fletching Level 5

Horsemanship Level 5

Flaming Projectile Level 5

Tracking Level 2

Pathfinding Level 2


Metallurgy Level 1

Chisel Level 1-2

Writing Level 1-2

Metalworking Level 1-2

Tracking Level 3

Pathfinding Level 3


Chisel Level 3

Writing Level 3

Metalworking Level 3

Tracking Level 4

Pathfinding Level 4

Buckler Level 1

Leather Armor Level 1

Scale Armor Level 1

Enhanced Axle Level 1


Chisel Level 4

Writing Level 4

Metalworking Level 4

Multilayer Structure Level 1-2

Handcart Level 1-2

Placer Mining Level 1-2

Tracking Level 5

Pathfinding Level 5

Buckler Level 2

Leather Armor Level 2

Scale Armor Level 2

Enhanced Axle Level 2


Chisel Level 5

Writing Level 5

Metalworking Level 5

Multilayer Structure Level 3

Handcart Level 3

Placer Mining Level 3

Wheel Level 1-2

Buckler Level 3

Leather Armor Level 3

Scale Armor Level 3

Enhanced Axle Level 3


Multilayer Structure Level 4

Handcart Level 4

Placer Mining Level 4

Wheel Level 3-4

Buckler Level 4

Leather Armor Level 4

Scale Armor Level 4

Enhanced Axle Level 4


Multilayer Structure Level 5

Handcart Level 5

Placer Mining Level 5

Wheel Level 5

Buckler Level 5

Leather Armor Level 5

Scale Armor Level 5

Enhanced Axle Level 5


Jewelry Level 1

Plow Level 1-3

Sawmill Level 1-3


Composite Bowman

Heavy Cavalry


Camouflage Level 1-2

Combact Tactics Level 1-4

Defensive Formation Level 1-4

Herbal Medicine Level 1-4

Cartography Level 1


Plow Level 4-6
Sawmill Level 4-6
Scythe Level 1-4
Whipsaw Level 1-4
Engineering Level 1-4
Camouflage Level 3
Cartography Level 2


Plow Level 7-9
Sawmill Level 7-9
Scythe Level 5-9
Whipsaw Level 5-9
Engineering Level 5-9
Mathematics Level 1-4
Camouflage Level 4
Combat Tactics Level 5-9
Defensive Formation Level 5-9
Herbal Medicine Level 5-9
Cartography Level 3


Plow Level 10
Sawmill Level 10
Mathematics Level 5-9
Open-pit Quarry Level 1-4
Coinage Level 1-4
Camouflage Level 5
Cartography Level 4


Scythe Level 10
Whipsaw Level 10
Engineering Level 10
Stone Saw Level 1-4
Shaft Mining Level 1-4
Machinery Level 1-4
Carriage Level 1-4
Cutting & Polishing Level 1-2
Combat Tactics Level 10
Defensive Formation Level 10
Herbal Medicine Level 10
Cartography Level 5


Mathematics Level 10
Open-pit Quarry Level 5-9
Coinage Level 5-9
Cutting & Polishing Level 3-4
Long Swordsman


Stone Saw Level 5-10
Shaft Mining Level 5-10
Machinery Level 5-10
Carriage Level 5-10
Cutting & Polishing Level 5-6


Cutting & Polishing Level 7-8 Wootz Steel Level 1-4
Bodkin Arrows Level 1-4
Stirrups Level 1-4
Ballistics Level 1-4
Scutum Level 1-4
Pavise Level 1-4
Plate Armor Level 1-4
Heavy Frame Level 1-4
Medical Corps Level 1-4
Combined Arms Level 1-4
Encampment Level 1-4


Open-pit Quarry Level 10
Coinage Level 10
Cutting & Polishing Level 9
Wootz Steel Level 5-9
Bodkin Arrows Level 5-9
Stirrups Level 5-9
Ballistics Level 5-9
Scutum Level 5-9
Plate Armor Level 5-9
Medical Corps Level 5-9
Encampment Level 5-9


Cutting & Polishing Level 10 Wootz Steel Level 10
Bodkin Arrows Level 10
Stirrups Level 10
Ballistics Level 10
Scutum Level 10
Plate Armor Level 10
Medical Corps Level 10
Encampment Level 10
Royal Guard
Royal Crossbowman
Royal Knight

A guide by Andy!

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