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10 RoK Mechanics

Here are some special Rise of Kingdoms mechanics, from basic to advanced, that many players haven’t heard yet. Some are really life-changing tips that will definitely help you play the game easier and a lot smarter!

rise of kingdoms mechanics

Basic Rise of Kingdoms Mechanics

Quick way to drag out a dispatch from your city

Simply tap and hold your city and drag your finger out from it, a dispatch menu will show up allowing you to pick your commanders and troops just like normal.

Doing this, you don’t have to click on any structure or enemy in order to send a dispatch out.

Very fast way to get to the battlefield!

You can also double-tap to select all dispatches of a group on the battlefield

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Use the Hospital Properly

When you heal your troops, you can heal them all at once, get helped by your alliance members and then speed it up.

However, it’s best to heal them in small batches. That way, your alliance helps can fully complete the healing of those troops super quick. This is 100 times faster than waiting for a couple of hours or even days to fully recover your armies.

However, doing this, you will need to spend some time to heal up many groups of troops.

Skillful Craftsman

Skillful Craftsman is a daily quest which requires you to build up a structure in your city.

This can be really difficult to do if your city level is high and you’ve already built a lot of stuff.

You’re not gonna speed up a building every day. Instead, you can complete this quest by just building a tree or a road tile.

Daily Special Offer Chest

The daily special offer has the possibility of having legendary commander sculptures. And it has a fixed rotation based on  which commanders you have fully expertise:  Cao Cao → Charles Marted → El Cid → Caesar → Mehmed II → Fred.

Every time you open 3 chests, you are guaranteed to receive a random amount of legendary commander sculptures.

Alexander and Charles Martel Shield Don’t Stack

The devs say that they do co-exists but I did some long tests, which all lead to the answer is no.

Once one of the shields is up, it will cancel the other immediately.

Alexander and Edward’s buffs don’t work on structures?

Edward’s Vengeful Crusade increases Archer units HP and marching speed while troops are on the map. You are not going to get the bonus when you are in a structure. You have to actually be on the open field.

The same thing applies to Alexander’s Frontline Commander.

If you’re in the flag, the fortress or the pass, those skills will not work will not take an effect.

Barbarian Fort Damage

As you might have noticed, when you join a rally, depending on how big the rally is, the output damage coming from the Damage Fort varies.

The damage is based on the number of units that you have in the rally and their attributes.

More attributes = more damage.

Does Barca and Aethelflead debuffs

Most of their debuff stacks but not linear

After testing couples of battles and dig the battle logs, it clearly shows that only attack debuffs work together.

War Frenzy in Expedition

Yes, the War Frenzy works in the Expedition but not in Sunset Canyon nor Lost Canyon.

If you don’t know yet, War Frenzy is a status of your city which is activated once you attack or scout the enemy city, resource point, buildings etc. It increases the troop attack by 3% and can last from 10-15m depending on your City Hall level.

Start a Rally with 1 Troop

This does not affect the overall result.

When rallying, if you don’t want to reduce a lot of troops or you have a very great rally commander and you start sending one unit it, it will not affect the overall result. it

However, other players will not probably like this so I don’t encourage doing it…

Also, allow special units to join first to get the maximum buff!

Let’s say you are sending up an Archer rally (Commanders used boost Archer stats), It’s recommended to have Archer units joining the rally first to make the most of the buff.

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