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Update 1.0.49: “Summer Chapter”

Greetings Governor,

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.49: “Summer Chapter” on around [UTC 2021/08/11]. Before the update, you can download data in advance via events to earn nice rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

August 5th Update:

We take suggestions of the governors very seriously, so after careful discussion and evaluation, we have decided to.

1) Remove resource assistance and looting limits that were proposed in this update earlier.

2) Also we will retain the “25% increase in resource point deposits for all levels of resource points on the map (except gem and alliance mines) and a 10% increase in the base gathering speed of troops.” This change was made to increase the percentage of resources that the governors can actively obtain.

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1. “Summer Festival” Events

(Will go live within a week after the update)

The once-yearly Summer Festival preparations are in full swing, but the attending Björn Ironside is not nearly as impressed as managing commanders Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Tomoe Gozen. Can they iron out their differences before events get out of hand?

  • Summer Festival Story: Start the summer story and join with the commanders.
  • Festive Preparations: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Festival Gala: Participate in the banquet and earn decorative items and festival city themes!
  • Summer Sojourn: Collect Flower Paper for great rewards in the Festival Gala.
  • Race Against Time: Who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short period of time?
  • Protect the Supplies: Escort supplies to the village to ensure the festival can proceed smoothly!

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

2. “Lost Kingdom” Optimizations

We are continuing to optimize the “Lost Kingdom” in order to offer a richer and smoother experience for Governors.

1) In the “March of the Ages” story:

Added a new series of Technology quests into the season; updated building, icon, and certain screen displays; improved the Reserves dispatch to Forward Camp command with a cancellation option when en route.

2) In the “Strife of the Eight” story:

Optimized the rewards available in some of the Crusader Achievements quests.

3) In the “Light and Darkness” story:

Crusader Fortress destruction time reduced to 24 hours from 48.

4) Governors under City Hall Lvl 16 cannot claim the Lost Kingdom achievement rewards again.

3. Other Optimizations

1) We have boosted Resource Point deposits by 25% across all levels on the map (excluding Gem Deposits and Alliance Resource Centers), and improved troops’ base Gathering Speed by 10%. We have also set a daily cap on the number of resources that can be received through Resource Assistance and Plundering at 200,000,000 for each (400,000,000 in total).

2) Optimizations to “Ark of Osiris”: Troops in hospital are now included in the matchmaking calculations according to a certain ratio in the Ark of Osiris matchmaking system; Ark of Osiris Practice Matches can now be held on Saturdays/Sundays.

3) Improved the Osiris League mini-map display.

4) New alliance search functionality: results will highlight whether an alliance is currently part of your kingdom, and you no longer need to get the capitalization right when searching for an alliance name.

5) The 30-Day Research Speedup Supply has been available for a limited time. These supplies are only open to kingdoms that are undergoing or have passed the “Eve of the Crusade” from Lost Kingdom Season 1 when this event begins.

6) Improved a bug in the Power rating of certain equipment with special talents.

7) Improved the underlying algorithm for Season of Conquest Imperium Kingdoms, linking Imperium Kingdom numbers with the number of kingdoms entering Season of Conquest.

8) Added a new “Master And Commander” achievement category, the completion of which series will earn an abundant reward.

We would love to hear what you think about this update!

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms!

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